Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 06-11-2018 | 1.4.7


In this balancing patch, we have updated (almost) all powers so their effectiveness is more in-line. The changes for each power are made based on their calculated performance in the game.


  • Fix air-deaths caused by mines/bombs while jumping.

  • Fix sorting of scoreboard between rounds. It now shows the correct round-start positions before going to the new position.


  • Turrets won’t spawn in custom-games anymore. We will add a setting for it later when we’re going expand upon those.


  • Turret hole explosion will show when the turret is spawned, not when the ship crashes.

  • Ship selection is now stored between matches, remembering your previous selected ship (will still select new unlocked ships).

  • Turret control-message is now only shown for players with less than 6 matches played.

  • Removed some invalid bad-words from the chat-filter.

  • Increased scoreboard scale so it is better readable.

  • The score above ships doesn’t spoil next round start-values.

  • Small performance improvements.


  • Angle turns cooldown to 4s (was 8s)

  • Brake cooldown to 6s (was 8s)

  • Homing missile turning speed to 32 (was :sunglasses: )

  • Steer-less fever turn multiplier to 0.65 (was 0.75)

  • Thin cooldown to 4s (was 7s)

  • Angle turns defence to 1200 (was 1100)

  • Brake defence to 1180 (was 1100)

  • Hide self-defence to 1160 (was 1050)

  • Jump defence to 1200 (was 1100)

  • Shield defence to 1340 (was 1100)

  • Speed burst defence to 1050 (was 1000)

  • Thin defence to 1200 (was 1100)

  • Scatter shot attack to 131 (was 130)

  • Z.A.P. attack to 202 (was 200)


  • Angle turns duration to 3s (was 5s)

  • Shield duration to 1.2s (was 1.5s)

  • Thin duration to 3s (was 5s)

  • Clock block fever attack to 125 (was 150)

  • Curve-blind fever attack to 120 (was 140)

  • Double shot attack to 198 (was 220)

  • Homing missile attack to 83 (was 180)

  • L.A.S.R. attack to 155 (was 180)

  • Lo/rez fever attack to 131 (was 140)

  • Multishot attack to 198 (was 240)

  • Mine attack to 105 (was 120)

  • One shot attack to 165 (was 180)

  • Reverse fever attack to 101 (was 130)

  • Speedy fever attack to 121 (was 130)

  • Stealth mine attack to 78 (was 100)

  • Steer-less fever attack to 129 (was 130)

  • Thick fever attack to 133 (was 140)

  • Time bomb attack to 118 (was 120)

  • Trigger bomb attack to 176 (was 220)

  • Trippy fever attack to 121 (was 140)

Every Power at Legendary status: how do they compare?

great change there, i don’t want my homing to be turning at smug speed


Scatter shot attack to 131 (was 130)
Damn what a buff


Btw my both item got nerfed of 25 and 44, its pretty sad


I was lasr and homing past week
it’s like every week my go-to setup gets wrecked
and i don’t even want to go back to fevers now because my two lvl 7+ fevers trippy and lorez got nerfed too…
brb slashing my wrists


So lets use corner xD


It is still bugged :frowning:


u got to love the scatter troll :joy: best devs even HAHAHA


At least it wasn’t nerfed again xD


One thing I see with the nerfs is that there are a lot of places where attack has been nerfed but none where defense has been nerfed. I would be really interested to see how people would do with a power which has something as low as half the defence and a really high attack. Maybe for scatter eg.

I’m giving scatter as an example as it is already high risk high reward.


dont u dare to fuk up my scatter :joy: even more


#onlyscatter <3


Homing missile was :sunglasses: Like it!


Bez%C2%A0tytu%C5%82u I want my money back. It has 10s cooldown ffs.


It also never misses :confused:


Bye bye Homing missible ! Welcome back Speedy fever :stuck_out_tongue:


Nevertheless it’s a pretty good solution to decrease playerbase’s annoyance with the homing missile bug, you’d need to admit. :smiley: Few people will play with it - few people will get annoyed when it misses - profit :joy:

On a serious note, though, I think only HM should just now got the normal cooldown like most weapons e.g. 5s, and this will all be well and fine. (It’d even actually be better, if has reasonable cooldown, because the variation due to it missing or not missing a single time would be smaller).

Most changes seem reasonable though I’m surprised with Trigger Bomb nerf - like discussed in the previous topic, I’m thinking it might be due to that non-top players play with it very little (including me, I also can’t handle it well) so the statistics might be a little ridged by that most of the input for this weapon comes from top players only. It’d be interesting I guess to see if the change for this one would be similar if only top 100 players, or 1600+, were taken into account rather than 1400+, or if it’d change. Not that I complain, fewer pros killing me with the weapon which I didn’t use anyway :smiley:


Well i prefer bugged version with 300+ atk :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point.


:rotating_light: typo alert :rotating_light:

:rotating_light: typo alert :rotating_light:

Lol, good update! Feel like most changes were good and understandable.
Why was scatter only buffed 1 point, it’s my favorite attack!I belive that there needs to be an update that brings the freind system back.


Well, speedy fever has never been bad. I’m glad it’s still fine though after update :smile:

Probably I’m one of a few who’s glad that missile always works, but with that kind of attack nerf 10s cooldown is definitely too much. You can shoot 2,5 fevers for that time and it doesn’t disappear after shooting (and it’s stronger at the same level). So why 10s?