Curve Fever Pro Update Notes - | 06-09-2018 | 1.2.5


Hello everyone! :wave:! A few words about today’s update. As usual, the update has a nice mix of some new additions as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

Amongst all that good stuff there is also a pretty major change to the game that makes us very happy. After the gameplay change we’ve shifted focus on how to better explain the game to someone that has had no prior interaction with the Curve Fever universe. We’ve tried with a simple option of offering new players only 3 ship choices at the beginning of a match, however, once in the game there was still uncertainty regarding how the game works and thus, frustration. I think we’ve all seen new players leaving matches after the first round and we believe that it is mostly due to the lack of a proper introduction to the mechanics of the game. And so a more comprehensive, and hopefully better tutorial was born! It has 2 stages where new players get to practice all the basic mechanics like moving and using modules in a safe environment before being put into queue for “Quick Play”. This way we’re creating a solid foundation for new players to build on as well as giving them a bit more confidence when facing other opponents.

One more thing before leaving you to peruse the changelogs:

I have the incredible honor of crowning the winners of the Official August Tournament: Legolas and Hrvat! :crown: Congratulations again to both of you! :clap: :trophy:

Thank you for having the patience with us adding the “champion titles” in the game!

And now, the changelogs for update 1.2.5 !

In this patch, we introduce a completely revamped TUTORIAL for new users, and several bug fixes.


  • Added a new interactive tutorial for first-time users.
  • Players who win a tournament will have a crown next to their name, until the next tournament.
  • Added a counter to the custom-room list for waiting and playing rooms.


  • You now start drawing a curve 2.5 seconds after start moving (was 2 seconds).
  • New players now always start with a Trigon ship with Jump and One shot.
  • Trigon Jump now unlocks at level 1 (was 5).
  • Trigon Brake now unlocks at level 5 (was 1).
  • Tetragon Jump now unlocks at level 4 (was 1).
  • Tetragon Brake now unlocks at level 1 (was 4).


  • Fixed a bug where the hide-self effect would be ended prematurely if another picked up a fever.


I’m glad that you will improve the tutorial. One week ago, i invited a friend to the game and he didn’t understood the purpose of the game and how to play it. That makes him to unlike the game. So, i explained him everything about the game and he finally liked the game.

I hope that there will not be another players which leaves the game because they don’t understand how to play.


how did you invite him? To a private room, or just to quickplay?


I think my curve line drawing didn’t really improve :frowning:


Since we’re experiencing some unexpected bug after this update, we’ll roll back to the previous version until we manage to fix the issue with lines not showing. We’re very sorry about the inconvenience! I’ll let you know when everything is fixed.


Something like that? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


The update is going live again at 16:15 CEST. All should be in order now but let us know if you experience any bugs :bug:!


I see my Tetragon Jump on lvl 6. This is rather late (OK, I was lucky enough to have it already, but for someone who doesn’t :smiley: ) because Pentagon Jump is lvl 7, so if Tetragon is truly 6 it means both of them are effectively inaccessible to most players.

PS. Apart from this “lvl 6 and you said lvl 4”, I really like this change - it means lvl 1 Trigon is really strong and lvl 1 Tetragon is really weak, instead of so far all 3 lvl 1 ships being moderate, and I think this new situation will be much more enjoyable to the new players.

However I would be concerned that now Tetragon is really highly underdeveloped for most of the beginning - a weak fever, weak brake, defensive shield, hard-to-handle-for-beginner side-shot is all you can get through all first two levels of Tetragon advancement (possibly longer if first lvl 3 ships doesn’t unlock you any Tetragon modules). Taking into account that shield is lvl 2 both in Tetragon in Pentagon, if I were I would consider swapping Tetr-Shield (lvl 2) with Tetr-TimeBomb (lvl 3) to give more offense to early Tetragons.


I like the changes so far!


I bet you mostly like your champ thing :stuck_out_tongue:


First, i sent him the link for the game try one quick game. He didn’t understood how to play from the quick game and i had to explain him in custom games


But now the title icon will last until the next tournament, thought it was permanent🙈