Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 06-08-2018 | 1.2.0



  • Steal points from other players by using your abilities.
  • Reworked the point system, you start with 10 and earn 10 each time a player dies and you are still alive. (survival points)
  • The game now has a score goal.
  • We have removed the energy from the game
  • Modules now have a cooldown.
  • Module upgrades now upgrade the attack and armor stats of the modules.
  • The borders have been closed, and the laser walls have been removed.
  • The size of the field is now smaller with fewer players.
  • Spawn positions are now randomized for each round.


  • Stealth mine has been reworked to be a mine that is invisible most of the time.
  • Repulse fever has been replaced with “clock block” fever which blocks the module cooldowns.
  • Gaps are no longer timed, they now appear at random intervals.
  • Bullets now have infinite range.
  • Bullets now go a bit faster.
  • Hide self now cancels when you get hit.
  • The sizes of gaps have been reduced.
  • Fevers and mines now have infinite throwing range.


  • Between round and game scoreboard has been reworked to match new the game mode.
  • All menus now have a new background.
  • Basic tutorials tips have been added which are visible when you’re dead.
  • Bullets have gotten an upgrade and are now big fireballs.
  • Throwing fevers now has an effect trail.
  • Fevers and mines now pop on the field instead of growing.
  • Fevers and mines are now color coded.


  • Added a “leave button” in the settings menu accessible from within the game.
  • Performance improvement with in-game text rendering.
  • Performance with effect timers causing small lag spikes.
  • Removed the ship on ship collision to make it less random who dies on impact.


  • Fixed looping audio not stopping when leaving the game.


How do the armor stats work exactly?