Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 06-07-2018 | 1.1.7


Hey, Averazon. If you are releasing the new ships, at least make the ship edges less round and more sharp so they would look like the old ones.


They remind me a rocket emoji from the worst set of the FB messenger emojis. :smiley:

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: I’m flyyyying :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

(and while playing I feel like an 8 years old child who discovered the internet… -.-")


Sounds like a cool plan but I can’t do much about that :c just a little mod :c


Tip for those who can’t stand the new backgrounds: set the quality to low, it’s much better.


What about that… there is two different styles for the game right now, you can make one more game style and the players choose which one they want from the settings?


Hi there!
As a daily player and CF lover I also wanted to give some feedback to the last update after some experience of playing it.

Actually I like the new graphics and designs pretty much. Besides a few bugs game seems smoother and I also like the new ships so far.
What? He really said that? Yeah, I did.
In my opinion all the hate against the new update is a little too much. And I know there are more players that do like the new style.
ALTHOUGH I understand most peoples’ arguments with their high level ships being downgraded. That is something, where devs should find a good solution, but as I read before in NoFlavor’s post, they are working on it. I must say I like the ships to have the same size, but still higher Level ships should have more benefits than they have now. Especially when the only thing you can grind for are ship points. Seems kind of useless now.:laughing:
But I guess devs will find a way, I am looking forward to!

Just wanted to give some positive feedback as well, cause bad things are always pointed out a lot more. Who would complain about good things anyway. :smiley:

Let’s see whats coming.
Regards, Yrr


Thanks for the (positive :D) feedback!

Note that when you grind, you get “species points”, not “ship points” (yes, we renamed them :smiley: ). When you upgrade in level you not only get a new skin (ship) but you also discover new modules. One issue now is that the diversity of modules is not as great after you reach level 5, so most people who have level 5 or 6 have already seen/played most of the modules the game has to offer. Another issue is that the UI is still based on the previous philosophy where you should get the to the next level to unlock the next ship, but we want players to want to unlock the next level for the cool new abilities they will discover; the difference between playing with speed and playing with laser is much bigger than any difference the ship size/speed/turning radius can offer.

We know the game is far from being perfect and has huge potential, thus we are trying to address first the most important issues so that the game can be both enjoyed more by the current player base and also attract new players. The tricky part is that “important issues” might have different meanings for different players, so whenever we make a change there will always be some who feel that they were left out because the change they wanted was not implemented or because we changed something they considered to be perfect.