Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 06-07-2018 | 1.1.7


This Friday comes with another brand new Curve Fever Pro update and this time it’s all about the art :sparkles:! The in-game art style is now more fun, colorful, stylized and cohesive for an overall friendlier Curve Fever Pro vibe.

We added some juicy effects to breathe more life into the game, as well as environmental elements like floating clouds and particles to give the arena more of a thematic, otherworldly feel.

All of this with the purpose to improve the overall gameplay. All ships now look different artwise, but they also have the same size. The energy bar is, we hope, more visible and the throwable items such as mines and fevers are easier on the eye.

Overall we are really happy with the new style and we think it fits our game much better. So give a shout out to JORT (our awesome artist) :tada: in the comments and check out the changelog for more details on what’s new.

(pssst slide the bar :eyes: )


  • New arena backgrounds.

  • New ships!

  • Ship exhaust now has a flame with smoke.

  • Ambient background effects.

  • New visuals for fevers, mines and other objects.

  • Energy now glows.

  • Energy indicator moved out of the trail to a new UI element above the ship.

  • Module icons and status is now displayed beneath the ship.

  • New in between round scoreboard where all players are shown with achievement badges and module icons.

  • After match scoreboard has been reworked to be more like the new in-between round scoreboard.

  • In-game scoreboard no longer shows between rounds.

  • In-game scoreboard no longer shows module icons.

  • Reworked the visuals of the in-game timers/countdowns.


  • You can now navigate between all changelogs.


This is what i see when using Chrome. I can’t tell how many energy pts i have, can’t see difference between fever’s or mines, just unplayable… Refresh didn’t help.

I tried MS edge, it was better, but somehow I couldn’t use arrows, only WASD. Cause when I tried to use arrows, not only the ship, but the whole screen was moving too. No idea how to fix this.


Try refresh now, also fixed the scrollbars.


I like the update so far guys!
Although why the speed change in the ship levels? They’re all the same now. I can understand the thickness being made the same for them all, but not quite the speed being all the same.

Also, the background looks a lot nicer, I prefer to the old one, but the moving circles in the background just pop in. It’s a small nitpick, but I would rather them fade in or something else a little more dynamic. My eyes tend to glance at the circles that just pop in. I mean, they already fade out.
It doesn’t bother me much though, just a small nitpick.

Turning video settings to low should get rid of the dynamic background and just leave it as the gradient imo.

The game seems to move smoother now, which is nice.
Overall, I like this update.


Thanks for the feedback and I am happy you like it! As for the speed, the speed has been the same for all ships for a few weeks now. They might have seem different, because when you get thick, it seems like you move slower, but you actually moved at the same speed


Does it mean there is now no difference between lvl 3 and lvl 4 ships, or lvl 5 and lvl 6 ships, and the only difference is every second level (when number of power slots increase)?


No turning is still better for higher level ships and so are the gaps they produce.


We’ll make it so when particles are disabled the background particles are also removed.

As for the spawning of the balls (clouds) we’ll make them fade in. Totally forgot about that. :sweat_smile:


I like the new update, but I was asking if you could change the ships to their original forms because they look a bit odd to me. :confused: (No offense) Also, does the bar change graphics for the game? Is it for visual purposes? (I found out the slide bar’s function)


Is it intended that before the game starts you can’t see the opponent’s levels? (even if pressing TAB - before TAB always showed the details, but now it only does after the start of 1st round)?

I’m mostly indifferent to the new visuals, but showing modules alongside the players all the time (not only at the start) is a great idea :slight_smile:


Just did a quick patch, pressing tab now shows the levels.
There also is a setting now to disable the HUD and only show it when you press tab like it was before.



Can you do me a favor and give us an option where we could change the graphics of the game (New to Old and Old to New), the ship models, and the module graphics too? I feel uncomfortable with these new changes except for the background changes tbh.


I feel like im 8 playing with these graphics. I mean rly who is your target market? when i asked people their age on cf3 forums most of them were 14 and up.


My feedback from some test games in custom and quickplay:


  • Smoothness improved, but still fps drops with speed for me


  • Ship size balancing (was the most important point to upgrade ships)
  • Ship design (some high ships look worse than low lvl ships)
  • Background Design (the lines in arena were necessary to target opponents by shooting through the walls)
  • Scoreboard after the round (Just preferd the old one)

To sum up: I can give the update only 1/10 points!

It is not the game anymore, that I have decided to play.

I see no point in playing to upgrade ships, because u simply can use the low lvls now.
… and I also cant accept thist “childish” (personal opinion) graphic.

As I`ve already mentioned on discord:
I gonna test the update 1-2 days and maybe I will find sth that keeps me here, but if not -> back to cf2


agree with you, again it has changed upside down nearly everything…

what i like:
runs better for me now
lines are smaller, more space for movement
faster ship

what i dont like:

Seize of ships maybe you can make it even more tiny, because now its so easy 2 hit them with 4 example single shot, new players definitely will like how easy you can kill now with beginners weapons

and of course cfpro generally because its still not a game but an insane testing arena for crazy devs on the cost of the users


Yeah ship designs look a little too similar now. I know this was done to have everything’s hitbox be the same, but now higher level ships tend to look more bland.


OMG this is amazingi really like this!! i remember i asked for better backrounds in feedback to, i knew it was a good idea.
Thank you hidden


The graphics were one thing you absolutely nailed in this game.
You had a simple, timeless design with only basic shapes and not too much knick-knack.
Now it looks as if a 12 year old that watches too many cartoons designed it.

only good thing:
The gameplay does indeed feel smoother.


Cool update! Nice to see feedback from the community both positive and negative c: