Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 05-09-2019 | 1.9.4 | Teams Rework no.2


PATCH 1.9.4

  • Team chat
    When the match starts you chat with your teammates without the enemy team seeing your strategies. You can chat with everyone in the game by typing /all before your main message or by pressing Shift+Enter.

  • Team gamemode rework No.2

    • 2 Donate Zones that are separate from the Drop Zones.
    • The Drop Zone surrounding the Core grows proportionally with the player with most points on the opposing team.
    • The Core has a barrier surrounding it with 2 holes in it (one for entry and one for exit) - you cannot jump over the barrier.
    • The Drop Zone will be inside the barrier at the beginning of the game and grow outside it as players gather more and more points.
    • You can attack the core regardless of how many points you have.
  • Fixed chat being cleared after the match ends.

  • Fixed not being able to continue chatting after the match ends.

  • Fixed powers steal percentage showing incorrect values in FFA customs-rooms.

  • Fixed zap and laser hitting multiple times in FFA custom matches.

  • Fixed incorrect angel skin preview while in matchmaking.

  • Teams - 2 seconds of additional bonus time -> Each round lasts at least 12 seconds.

  • Teams - New crosshair indicators for opponent team.

  • Turrets now steal 4% in team-mode (was 5%).


First impressions:

  • I like it more than 1st experiment, but less than original Teams
  • The fact that the enemy base scales with the points of best player rather than sum of the team is very limiting, as it either forces strategy where one player is the “most important” (not nice for newcomers), or forces the strategies where the aim is to have the points split and then donate them in the end (then what was the point in the first place?). It generally decreases the number of possible strategies which makes the game feel like it offers less / is more repetitive.

I think it would definitely be worth it if for the 2nd half of experiment time you switched the rules to base scaling (slower than now, of course) based on the sum of all (alive!) players in the team. I still think it’ll be inferior to the original Teams after that, but if there’s any chance for this mode to work, this is the necessary first step in my opinion.

Donation being separate from base is a very nice change, and I’d keep it in original Teams (assuming it goes back to original teams). Bonus time is nice. Separate chat is nice. “Crosshair indicators” are nice but the split of custom skins into ‘logically hot’ and ‘logically cold’ is necessary still, only those two together will fully work.


This release is far better than the previous one. I like the holes in the wall around the target. Perhaps they could move. Perhaps they could be bigger when you have many points and smaller when you have a few points left. Something to avoid that every team has a player which closes the holes at start round. Always with same moves. Same for donations. They have to move. Or they have to change of size. Smaller when you are winning. Bigger when you are losing.


I prefer this version to the one before where one attack did the job! However I feel like this is a harder to understand, far more complicated version of the first team mode we had


I’m sorry but this is just straight bad, I respected the previous team gameplay, but this is just so unfun to play now.

What I appreciate about this update:

  • bonus time, people can no longer abuse suicide
  • crosshair indicators, it’s better than before as it was barely visible for red team, could be a bit smaller though

But this is just a cosmetic change and the latter could be considered as fixing gamebreaking bug. The changes you made to game itself are the important part, and they are so bad.
What made you think it was a good idea to put barrier like that around the core, players were already sealing their cores, but it took them long time to do, now only thing it takes is one player going back seal the entrances which takes 5 seconds and your core is immune to damage unless the enemy team has 500 points. BUT when a players have 500 points it makes them very susceptible to the enemy team because one shot literally steals almost all of their points and in the end everyone ends up with 200 unable to do anything.
Also, players refuse to cooperate now since everyone can deliver blow to the core and collecting 500 is a painful grind.
You can argue that you can 1) jump - if the sealing is done properly it’s very hard to jump over it + you can always add one extra layer to it. 2) bomb - with increased cooldowns on bombs, players rarely take them + most players play solo and are chosen random so you can’t count on anyone having a bomb.

I played few games and the game is just not fun to play now, players are leaving much more often and the sensation of delivering 400-point blow to enemy core is completely gone, or transfering points to another player across the map so he can finish the game, or just shielding him with your own ship so enemy team doesn’t steal his points… Now you just want to poke the nexus down so the game is over and the pain is gone.
I don’t know have any particular suggestions, but reversing the teams to the previous state would definitely be a step forward.


My favourite is still the first mode. Intuitive and sensible - the later in the game the harder to score and you can either go in big chunks or go in small attacks to the core round by round. Meanwhile this one isn’t that easy to understand - trying to explain to my teammates to donate until someone has 400 and then attack because the core won’t shrink etc is just plain annoying especially when it takes them like 5 rounds to figure it out.

I like the crosshairs for sure and bonus time but otherwise idk, this mode is just complicated - better than ffa mode in 2nd version (which i liked because i could win ffa but was boring as a team mode) but not as interesting as first.

I also find the donation spots really annoying as it makes it really difficult to donate to 1 player.


That’s a good point, maybe since we already have 2 donation spots it could be that every player in the team just sees the (different ofc as you can’t donate to yourself) texts “Donate to Owl” at the top one and “Donate to Line” at the bottom one etc?


Awesome work, miss this mode <3