Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 05-04-2018 | 1.0.13


April 5th, 2018 - update 1.0.13

Today kicks off Two Weeks of New Game Modes, in which we present you with a new game mode every few days! First up, is FFA PRO; a deathmatch-type game mode, in which you duke it out against your opponents in 6 rounds of finger-blistering action. Score points by eliminating other players in any way you see fit and outliving your opponents. Whoever comes out on top with the most points, wins!

A new game mode will be introduced every few days, so play it while you can!

Other changes with this update:


  • A new ranking system, which distributes point based on the ranking of your opponents, but caps out at +30 or -30 points per match, to negate extreme fluctuations. With the exception of new players’ first few matches, to help them reach their intended rank quicker.


  • Module points from crates are now based on how many ships you have. The more ships you have, the more points you get.

Gameplay Balancing


  • Cost increased from 1 energy to 2 energy.

Speedy Fever

  • Cost increased from 1 energy to 2 energy.

Homing Missile

  • Doesn’t create a gap or hole in curves anymore, when exploding.


Hey I really like the new mode. No eliminations makes the game more intense and loads of points for kills makes you want to play more aggressive and take risks which makes the game more fun. Though I think it would help to have some sort of wiki accessible from the game which lists what gives points and how much. Compared to cf3 the game is exciting until the last round because everyone is still alive which makes it possible to gain a bunch of points if you get a good round and possibly catch up.


It would be so funny with 2-3 speed kills :sob:


Sad cuz jump kill cost only +5 points


It’s one of the hardest kills to do actually. But not so much sense using it in this game mode.


Did you guys use my ranking system? :laughing: Anyways, much better now.


There isn’t actually a cap on 30 I have gone up like +60 4 games ago or something :slight_smile: and I just got +30


You get bonuspoints for the first games you play, so noobs have the feeling that they are actually good^^


But I have gotten more than 30 like 5 times or so


I just had a look, and in your first 8 matches you should easily encounter +30 matches. After that it depends on many variables, but you can gain over 30 points at least for the next 7-30 matches.


oh ok