Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 04-05-2018 | 1.0.18


Also, the researcher thing is completely bs. 50 gems for a day. If you think about that, it’ll probably take like 15-25 days to get that. like no. Also, like many said, its a p2w game now. Plus 20 gems to retry a crate? Nah bro


Haha, yeah they are new EA. A shitty company making their games p2w. Thic ‘rebalancing’ will kill this game. I think we will go play fortnite then :joy: Ig currency in fortnite is quite cheap, u can buy it using psc and u can only buy skins. They have a lot of money and their game isnt p2w laggy crap.


I saw that. So now, +1 * 2 = +2, wow… it’s… I have no words…
You know Christmas?
Then CFP is the opposite: bad news on each update…


Agreed with everyone above. Low FPS at times even with my 1080ti. For a 2d browser game, c’mon. Also unlocking stuff without paying for gems was already a slow process, but just bearable. Now you really killed that. I think I’m out.


Pay attention to the update! Normal chests have been buffed to give 1,5 times the normal amount of points. That means that researchers will give 1.5*2=3 times as many points, which is the same as before


Let’s remember the basics (and have a smile for those who know Paris underground (Metro)):


But reaserchers now cost gems…


It might have just been my internet, but I lagged out loads. And looking at other people’s posts, it looks like it wasn’t just me.

I’ll maybe play a few crate games a day, but if I can’t I’ll probably just get afk basic crates so that I can get mega crates still - I can’t see the play with friends mode coming out any time soon, and looking at how the currency rebalancing has been recently, it’ll probably cost an absurd amount of gems to do so. And there will be some level of random BS to stop us from playing with people that aren’t our “friends” and there will be a limit of 10 friends per person unless we pay 5 euros worth of gems to temporarily add 3 friends or some other random BS.

In order for a game to be addictive - and this is something you should be aiming for - you should make it an option to strongarm through. I have spent some money on the game, but I with the way things are going, spending money will no longer be a way of helping you progress through, but will be a way of shortcutting. As I commented at some other point you should make it so that new players will know that they are 1 year away from catching up with pros. At least give them the illusion that they will be able to strongarm and catch up like I did with cf3. You don’t give players the ability to do what I did and play hours on end to “catch up”


Lets compare a good game that still makes money: CF2, Fortnite

With p2w trash: CFPro

CF2 and Fortnite: Everyone is equal, only separated by skill. Even if you just start, you can compete against experienced people. You can still have the feeling of progression from useless (but cool) skins and colors, as well as some extra usage abilities (creating custom rooms in CF2)

CFPro: Characters Not equal, even if you have skill, you can get rekt by some p2w. This game is almost like Clash Royale, except the community is super small, so you can’t ever get a good game.

Proposal: Add 1234567890987654321 more skins and colors and give us all lvl 8 ships.


There’s an issue you’re missing here though. CFPro introduced modules where players fight each other with certain weapons. And these weapons are unlockable weapons, not something just given to you.

CFPro can’t just simply be CF2 without throwing away the module system, which makes CFPro its own thing. Even CF3 had an easier time balancing since you could totally use a bad curve against high-level curves and win.

Besides that though, I totally would accept skins in a heartbeat.


We wanted CFP to be pay to progress, not pay to win. All modules should be balanced and progression gives you access to more modules. Do you feel that specific modules are overpowered?

We also always wanted and still want to add customizations to the game, but currently we’re working on the custom games feature.


There is not enough people who play cfpro to make fair progress. People who just joined are instantly matched with veterans+, and even if they have skill, they can’t do anything against a lvl 7 trigger bomb that’s bigger than half the map


What’s the difference between pay to progress and pay to win if the person that progresses the most wins?


As I said before, the person with more progress has more content (more module types to choose from) not necessarily more op content.


The p2w player will have better modules because of upgrades and better ship levels, which does make a difference. Meanwhile the people who can’t pay for progress are stuck grinding for hours just to upgrade one module. I agree with the idea with making the game even more long-term, just not this drastically.


yeah i have the same kind of lag as legolas.
not that bad all the time but always have lag.
plz fix this ppl get annoyed with cuz i lag so much