Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 04-05-2018 | 1.0.18


In today’s update we have a lot of performance improvements.
Let us know if the game runs any smoother for you or not. :slight_smile:

We’ve also tweaked a lot of the economy, read more about that on the latest development blog.


  • We’ve added the module icons in the in-game scoreboard.
  • New design for the tab overlay.
  • System to reduce boosting, everyone has two ranks now.


  • New players now have the same matchmaking speed, which reduces the chance of new players being matched with experienced players.
  • Swapped the default level 1 module position for new users so mine is equipped on top and speed boost on the bottom.


  • Social buttons no longer overlap with other elements.
  • Turning shadows off now properly removes the shadows and improves the performance.
  • Tiny gaps in the lines.


  • New users now start with one day of free “Advanced Researchers” for each species.
  • The price for “Advanced Researchers” has been rebalanced.
    1d 50 gems – 7d 300 gems – 30d 500 gems
  • “Advanced Research” team multiplier changed from x3 to x2.
  • Bonus ship points for Advanced Research teams have been increased.
  • Ship research points in crates has been increased by ~50%.
  • Currency in crates has been reduced by ~50%.
  • New coin package offers 100 coins for 10 gems.
  • Prices to buy coins has been rebalanced.
  • Rebalanced gem price for newly discovered modules in the shop.
  • Currency rewards during the game have been rebalanced.
    1st 1 gem – 2nd 8 coins – 3rd 6 coins – 4th 4 coins – 5th 2 coins – 6th nothing

Performance Improvements

  • New animation system based on game simulation.
    This results in less flickering of animations and better performance. Previously the animations were time based, sub-optimal for network lag.
  • Memory for objects, events, etc. in the game are all now “pooled” so that things can be recycled instead of re-created.
  • New and optimized method for generating shadows puts less load on the GPU.
  • Initial quality for new users is now based on specifically identified GPU model.
  • Tab overlay is now rendered on the canvas instead of HUD.
  • Improved performance for line rendering.
  • Sprites are now batched.
  • Improved memory usage for collision handling.
  • In general we’ve done a lot of small improvements and cleaned everything up.


Ah man this performance update… I had lag before, but now it’s even worse for me. It may improve game smoothness for others but for me it’s just terrible now. Let me know what you other players think about the performance update.


1 st - 1 gem, its joke? XD 1 day AR cost 50 gems… baddest update ever, u coming to p2w, this s##k


Mushrooms effect have bug :slight_smile:


time for holidays from this game, performance bad same


I wished I would have known this was coming. Im dumb mad cause I was going to get some advance researchers today but out of no where this 50 gems rule come out. Im trying to save. Then my bronze crate just gave me something a basic crates does.


O yeah just wondering when is the mega mega crate is coming out. Plz don’t let that crate replace my old mega crate though. I want both.


looks like it is bad for most people. We end up finding ourselves where we shouldn’t be. Many teleports going on where most of them end up making us crash into lines.


like every other online game now… ptw…


So if your going to increase the cost for researchers can you at least make the time they are active a little longer 3-4 hours maybe.


So if your going to increase the cost for researchers can you at least make the time they are active a little longer 3-4 hours maybe.

+1 (I assume it’s about 1-day researches since it’s them that now cost gems). If it was 32 hours instead of 24 then still it wouldn’t give any undesired boosts in unlocking speed (because it wouldn’t be possible to wait twice through the crate unlocking period) [1]. Especially now if the power of researchers itself was downgraded, it’s a good moment to at least increase their lasting time (within the confines that only make the experience nicer but do not actually affect the effective long-term speed of the progress in the game).

With 24 it’s very annoying that you open old crates and then you need to play all your crate games just within 4 hours from buying the researches if you want them to take effect to the new crates too, and then you need to come back next day exactly at XX p.m. to open said crates. My crates that I have yet-to-open now must’ve been waiting some 1 week already (I don’t know since there is no way to check how old the crate is if it’s older than 20h) simply because I didn’t have as much time in one chunk to play all my new crate games within 4 “researchers-active” hours. So I only played non-crate games practicing laser in the meantime, but it’s more boring than playing for crates [2].

[Ad. 1] I’ve proposed 32 instead of more natural 36, because 36 would pose a risk of exploiting the system by opening crates with gems when they’re at 16hours. With 32 it’d cost a lot of gems to open the crates early so no risk of exploiting.

[Ad. 2] Maybe now that researchers are only 2x I’ll need to re-evaluate - possibly now it’ll become more beneficial for me to open those crates with 1x and win some possibly bad crates quickly. But I still think considering lots of them can be normal crates, I will prefer to wait on non-crates as long as I do have enough time in one chunk to buy researchers and make the next crate run in 4 hours. But it makes playing more boring even if it’s the correct strategy now that period is 24h.


On a new note with the crates I would like your opinion on this. I just open my 3 gold crates from yesterday then with every crate I got plus 1 gem. I don’t even think we need to worry about researchers no more if this is how it is going to be. It will take about a week for us to even get one day of researchers. O and that was my gold crates you might get like half or a quarter of a gem if you get bronze or silver.


Dear Devs, as others said it looks like this version introduces a weird lag that causes teleportation and just kills all the fun.

I also have to say that I find it very odd that you guys keep making major changes on Fridays. Unless you plan on working on the weekend, this means that a buggy version is going to stay for a few days and this is just not how things should be done.

Thanks and keep it up!


Time to leave cf has come. Ur making this game p2w. Reaserchers only for games are stupid. I want to know a one thing: how many people have bought gems? I think its somethink like 5 people. Gems are too expensive and prices for gems are too high. Maybe change gems prices to lower, add an option to buy gems with psc and you will get your money. But stop making curve fever p2w shit.
thanks for reading


Just open my mega crate got plus 1 gem.(luv new update):confused: Increased the cost of living (researchers, update module and amount u get in crates) and lower the pay :sweat_smile: should I start a union or something.


Apart from the terrible teleportation starting with this update, I also think it is now on average more frequent that other players are seen as lagging (whether they feel the lag themselves or not), or I just had really terrible luck with the opponents in the games I played today.

Also wandering what’s up with those Fridays, like even the previous change introducing Deathmatch, I guess it was the Thursday release and anyway the special Friday release was also added after it with fixes that were not imminent. Very counterintuitive process especially since (I assume?) as a web game it probably has average higher number of users playing over weekend, so pushing as early after the weekend would seem natural to ensure the stable version is in place before the next weekend.


To finish on the positive note, smurf rank is great since the problem with rank downgrading was two-fold. One that the rules that created an incentive for de-ranking couldn’t have worked long-term since there is no incentive to keep the high rank. But second also it was self-fueling in some cases: not that felt great need to de-rank but if I am at a moment playing non-crate games practicing laser and were as a Gold and lvl 4 ship constantly matched into lvl 2 arenas with 4 newbies and one absent de-ranking Pro, of course I am gonna leave since not only there is no enjoyment from playing but also I don’t feel like they should loose the crates because the game matched them with someone who just feels like to practice lasering. And it would’ve worked well if not that each leaving de-ranks, so the next time I have even higher chances to be assigned to lvl 2 arena and the circle continues. Double rank should solve this :grinning:

I’m thinking, what’s stopping from this new anti-smurf rank to become the only (and public) rank? (Or is this a plan, just now we’re in the testing phase before you see if it works properly?)


i experienced several very hard lags in a single game today
hope you will fix this quickly


Graphics look a lot crisper now. Still need to fix the low FPS and teleports, though. Right now it’s hardly playable.

The economy “rebalancing”… by now I’m pretty much convinced that Hidden Monster Games is just a subdivision of EA.


I see that the rating changes are huge compared to before. I just got -44 for a 5th place. Is that intended? I’m asking this because such a change is not included in the Update notes.


Now it’s basically impossible to get anything. This game will move so much slower and frankly, boring. Please fix cuz like it’s just a bad “update”