Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 04-04-2019 | 1.6.15 | balance


New balance update!

Guide: Understanding your Powers

oof @stellan @hohoho we use it just too well :joy: trigger nerfed again, even tho the new shooting mechanism improved all other fevers and mines already.

happy to see the nerf on defensives though


Swagmaster and Piotr3pl use them even more often then I do, it’s all thier fault!


Trigger bomb gets nerfed while Time bomb gets buffed? :thinking:
New chatting feature sounds nice though!


Imma stick to TB for a little longer now, gotta wait for another update:

trigger and lasr still off the hook:


I get that almost all offensives got a buff while the defensives got nerfed. This displays that defensive powers were a little too good.

Obviously triggerbomb has its advantages in attacking and stealing others points. But the survival aspect of timebomb is just HUGE :joy: (hope you get the joke)

I will still stick with it I guess.


Nice balancing!




  • Chatting while in the game has been improved! Your ship remains controllable with the arrow keys while chat is active. Use WASD? You will be notified when the chat is open.


  • Single shot attack increased to 17% (was 15.4%)
  • Double shot attack increased to 17.2% (was 16.6%)
  • Side shot attack increased to 17.7% (was 14.5%)
  • Multi shot attack increased to 17.4% (was 16.9%)
  • Scatter shot attack increased to 22.9% (was 20.8%)
  • Homing attack increased to 9.9% (was 8.8%)
  • Laser attack increased to 12.1% (was 11.4%)
  • Zap attack increased to 21.5% (was 20.5%)
  • Thick attack increased to 12.8% (was ??%)
  • Low-res attack increased to 12.1% (was ??%)
  • Trippy attack increased to 12.4% (was ??%)
  • Curve blind attack increased to 11.7% (was ??%)
  • Clock block attack increased to 7.7% (was ??%)
  • Speedy attack increased to 10.9% (was ??%)
  • Reverse attack increased to 6.2% (was ??%)
  • Steer-less attack increased to 11.9% (was ??%)
  • Mine attack increased to 9.9% (was 9%)
  • Time bomb attack increased to 10.1% (was 9.6%)
  • Stealth mine attack increased to 7.9% (was 7.4%)
  • Speed burst defense increased to 30% (was 24%)


  • Trigger bomb attack decreased to 12.1% (was 12.4%)
  • Brake defense decreased to 30% (was 45.8%)
  • Jump defense decreased to 30% (was 50%)
  • Shield defense decreased to 30% (was 50%)
  • Thin defense decreased to 30% (was 50%)
  • Hide self defense decreased to 30% (was 45.7%)
  • Angle turns defense decreased to 30% (was 50%)


This genuinely looks like an amazing update <3


LOL :joy:


Best update so far :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Am I wrong in thinking that by buffing all the offensives we’re trying to nerf the whole survival part of the game? I guess it’s more of a shoot fest now - which people seem to like. Who needs to steer eh?


I think surviving is even more important. Earlier you could just equip 2 defensives and not even care if you get hit :joy: now dodging becomes crucial.


Dodging fevers and shots maybe, but dodging curves not so much - the rounds don’t last that long, and even if they do - survival points are now worth relatively less. Being the last one standing isn’t really a goal anymore. But it means a faster more attack-based game, with lots of mines clearing the field, which I think is what people wanted… a bit more like one of those tank games.


I think attacking is one of the big aspects of this game. So is dodging fevers, mines, shots and other curves. If you die first in every round it is hard to win a game. While getting 50 points just by surviving every round is still not bad. Before this update those who did not use defensive powers were in a big advantage (they were targeted because they lose more points and when going against someone you almost certainly lost more points then you gained). I think devs wanted to balance this issue a little bit by lowering the defense of the modules.

But I get what you want to say attacking is definitely more valuable now and you get a higher reward for aggressive game-play.


I guess all I was trying to say was that because pretty much all the offensives have been buffed, the +10 you receive per survival has been nerfed in comparison. (Kind of like inflation within the points economy of the game.)

Don’t worry, I’m just salty because I live far from servers with a slow connection and kind of relied on a survival method of gameplay to win – I can dodge curves because they’ve (mostly) been there for a while, so lag is less of an issue. Or perhaps I’m just a crap player :wink:. At any rate, I certainly wouldn’t be basing any balancing on my opinion!