Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 04-03-2019 | 1.6.6 | rejoining & replays


Patch 1.6.6 is now live!



Just a note:
Just found out there is a bug with old replays not loading.
Will be patched later, they will still work but for now you can only watch replays from the current version.


Mobile Friendly version:



  • Rejoining! :raised_hands: You can now immediately rejoin a match if you refresh or lose connection.


  • Instant spectating so you no longer have to wait for the next round and can immediately enjoy watching the match.


  • Match replays! All your awesome plays are now recorded and you can watch them back!

    • In your match history you will find buttons to watch the replay.
    • Matches are automatically recorded and will be stored for 3 months+
    • Some older matches can be watched as well but others might not load.
    • This is an expirimental feature , the UI is not final & there will be bugs!
    • You can share replays by sharing the link. ({matchID})


  • Synchronization for the first round will be more accurate if you have refreshed.


  • Fixed lines not appearing when spectating.
  • Fixed score not being in sync when spectating.
  • Fixed a bug where the ship of disconnected players would not get removed.


Damn, nice update, jos was right last night that there was an update! Thanks guys!


Thank you so much for this update.
The rejoin button is truly a life-saver for those with an Internet that is glitching sometimes!

Thank you for the replays too!


where is the rejoin button located


Next update friendlist? :slight_smile:


You should get a popup when you login (when page is loaded) if you still have an on-going match that you have not already quit (didn’t click the Leave button in settings).


Wait, so you are not supposed to click the Leave button?


If I got it well, if you press the “leave” button, the game will consider that you want to actually leave the game and won’t “save’” your place in the game.
If you simply want to refresh (because you lag) or if your Internet crashes for 1 second, just refresh your page, and the game will show you a message saying “You were in a game: do you want to go back to your game?”

Try it!