Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 03-12-2018 | 1.5.0


New Update! :confetti_ball:

This update includes, besides the new power system, changes to the way the power library looks like, a slightly different crate system and price balances.

Read all about the reasoning behind these changes on the latest dev blog.

You can check out the patch notes in a shiny new presentation below! :smile:

Guide: Understanding your Powers
Guide: Understanding your Powers

Hey guys,

Just a quick question: What is the defenseUp/defense in the formula above?
I guess one of them is the defensive module stat lets say (30% for thin) but what about the other one?

Oh is it in case you use 2 defensiv powers?


That’s actually defenseDown
So the defense value of the module equipped in the up slot and the other one for the down slot.


Good update; CFP is not a RPG anyway.


Seems not too bad. But imo an unranked costum game should really be free to play for every energy. I get that you might have the concern that people would only play that, but it seems weird so have to bother about what you use in costums.


Graphics r cool, i like the red bombs.
Balancing seems a lil weird (scatter almost the same as multi/double :joy:) but those things will probably change once you get more data.


I think that balancing the modules based on data isn’t always right.

Because some very skilled players, let’s say they choose to play with fevers that have the highest attack value and not what effects the fevers have.

They will win 10 games in a row with that fever that has the highest attack value.

Then the devs see this when he looks into data and thinks that the module is probably too OP because he won 10 games in a row with it.

But the truth is that the devs dont take into account that it’s the skill of the players that won those 10 games and not the module’s ability. Then once devs nerf that module, that skilled player then switches to another fever that has the highest attack value and will win another 10 games in a row with it as well.

So it’s not always right that data is showing you because that fever has higher chance of winning but because some experienced players use it most of the time and win it just the same as they can win with any other modules 10 times in a row because of their skill but not because of the module’s ability.


Say for instance now trigger bombs steal value is higher now than time bomb.

So the skilled player will play only with trigger bomb and will win now like 20 games in a row.

That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t win 20 games with a time bomb.

But anyway devs see this and think omg we have to nerf trigger bomb.

Then Trigger bomb gets nerfed and that skilled player now will play with a time bomb instead.

He’ll win 20 games in a row with time bomb no problem.

And now the devs just end up in a senseless never ending trying to rebalance everything.


Customs need to be free, how will tournaments be possible otherwise?

Good thing its not pay to win anymore! Seems like a good update.


Yup at least unranked costums


I don’t like it. I just wanna stick to my favourite powers. Why would you force me to switch?


I both like and don’t like the update.

Things I like: equal power levels - I’m still whooping asss even with the dodgy free powers I was given today. Noone was complaining about OP powers. In general the move to get rid of powers levels was a good one. :+1:

I’m also happy to hear see that there is no longer a “discovered but not usable” stage. This sucked for players who had like 5 or 6 powers sicovered but couldn’t use them. Especially since this often meant they couldn’t play a full 8 crate games.

Things I don’t like: You only have the same 3 free powers all day. After a few games if gets boring. And since you don’t have the freedom to really scope out and choose different combos its just not as fun.

My suggestion would be to make it so that after EVERY MATCH your 3 free powers update themselves. This means that if someone doesn’t like their 1st options, maybe they will like their next. And if they reallly don’t like them, maybe they will use energy for a different combo for one round, so that next round they can try something else. At the moment if you get bad powers you just get bored and stop playing. Its not like playing with your favourite combo is going to do anything other than make you poorer.

In general changing the free powers every match would give you the excitement of trying out different combos. And if you only wanted to play with the same powers over and over, then you can just as you can now. At the moment you don’t really get the excitement of being able to choose random combos. No one is really going to spend what in the long run will become precious money on something random and new like they did before.

EDIT: Please other players - tell me if I’m wrong, but I feel like people would be more happy to spend money on the game if they felt like they were just buying 1 game’s worth of different power until they spawned a better combo for free. If you had the “changes every match” option, then with the free powers changing for a match where you buy the energy, then you not only pay for a better combo, but also to pass by the useless combo you might be offered.


I really like this idea! :slight_smile: I agree that it would both 1) make the game feel more interesting/variable, 2) increase chances that people want to spend their gems on energy and play just to get the new combo.

This change could even have yet another advantage (and I think that’s an important one). This game has always had a large problem with the feel of useleness after getting 8 crates, which meant that the playerbase seemed smaller than it really is (many a time you’d only play 8 games, and leave, so overall number of players is smaller than if you’d have played more matches), which results in less fair and/or longer matchmaking, which results in new players being more annoyed.

A now it will be even worse with only 4 crates.

With Owl’s system, there’s a very simple thing that can reward players (especially lower-skilled players, cause for GMs it’s not a problem to get good score with almost any combo) for if they play more - there can be a simple button next to “Play” by which you could choose if you are playing for a crate, or if you give it a pass (even if you still have free slots). So what happens if one doesn’t like the combos?

  • Does he/she only have time for 4 matches today? They see more worth in spending an energy, because they can hope that the next combo after this round will be better. While now they are more likely to decide they just don’t play today and they’ll come tomorrow, because the only way to get good crates today is pay energies for not one but all the matches.
  • Does he/she have have time for more matches? They can play many more matches (choosing no-crate games) with the combos they are given, and thus trying out different combinations. And waiting for a better combo to decide to click “ok, this match is for a crate”. Or they wait for one nice module, and spend energy on the 2nd module. In either case, there is a quantitative improvement compared to the current system: in the former case the improvement is in that spending energies feels less useless (“just one match with energy and I might get good next combo” instead of “ok, do I really want to spend 4 or 8 energys for my 4 crate matches with today’s bad combo?”), in the latter case the improvement is that the number of active-player-hours among the community grows because players can actually feel they have a purpose playing more matches a day than just 4.


Funny enough that I was thinking the same thing.

I am glad that we got rid of the leveling system. The game never stood a chance of getting balanced when all the powers’ stats varied by nearly three times their original amount. I’m also growing to like the idea of this rotation system; practically forcing players to use things other than their 2 favorite powers.

However, as Owl says, playing with the same 3 powers gets boring; especially for new players. Like sure, you get a couple free uses towards random powers from crates, as well as a couple energy each day; but if you plan on playing the game for a while, those resources can fade quickly.

The lack of choice and the limited amount of crates only seem to be discouraging replayability. Even though I like the idea of the game forcing you to play with different things; the daily limit seems a bit excessive, especially for players who maybe aren’t able to play as often.

Making the powers cycle after every match would keep things from getting stale. I would even suggest bumping the crates back up to 8 and re-balancing the rewards again accordingly to further incentivize playtime. This change would even help with the whole “pay2win” debate; as you’d have more chance of playing with abilities you think are in the meta instead of constantly having to pay or take breaks just because you got stuck with something you didn’t like. In those moments you feel you got stuck with nothing salvageable, then go ahead and spend the points or energy.

Side-note: When a new player unlocks a power; they should get at least one free use with said power.


very nice idea

i think players will actually buy more gems/energy if this is done