Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 02-10-2019 | 2.0.3


PATCH 2.0.3

  • Added a grandmasters leaderboard in-game.
  • You can now purchase powers directly from the inventory, even before you reach the required level.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash for new users after their first match.


Isn’t the rank still bugged? I mean a leaderboard is nice, but if it is bugged it is pretty much useless :joy: otherwise gr8 change

Edit: It is def still bugged, #98 has 5 gm stars and it shows him being 9th with a rank of 1500+


We know GM positions are bugged and we implemented a possible fix, the leaderboard should fix itself in 1 hour.


hum … I was GM75 before the update and I am now GM5 … How is that possible ?


The GMs list has been reset. To be considered again as a GM you have to play a match. GMs who have not yet played one match are not visible in the leaderboard. Also, previous GMs list was a bit buggy, now it should be correct.


I started being top 80 or so today after playin 1 game as xcs said,and was thrice kicked from 3 different games without giving me the posibility of rejoining​:sob::sob:,feels bad although im happy bc i played without major lags


We appreciate you <3