Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 02-09-2019 | 1.9.6 | Teams Rework no. 3


Team mode was reverted to first version tested.

  • No border around the core, you can always drop points, core start-health is 700 points.

  • Core now has different damage states based on how much HP it has left.

  • Fixed donation now always working when you only had 1 point left.

  • Fixed some instances where users did not see their earned crate after a match.

  • Added back delay to emotes so they can’t be spammed.


Nice one, I really really like the broken cristal thingy! Maybe you could even add more stages to it :stuck_out_tongue: Also I have seen that speed got nerfed :muscle: good one as well!!! Emoji spamming gone <3 perfect!

Good update!

If you join a match to spectate someone, you still can’t type in the chat!


Thank you for the hard work <3