Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 02-03-2018


The dev team implemented more bug fixes and improvements today. Check out the list:

Bug fixes:

  • Reduced mysterious deaths that happen mid-air with no apparent cause and desyncs with the server. We are aware that these issues are not completely gone just yet, and will continue to work on it.
  • Fixed shield-effect and other effects that did not remove properly, which caused temporary immortality and other issues
  • Fixed energy pickups not being synchronized properly, which caused desyncs
  • Fixed a bug on the server that made it so the last “Knocked Out” player would not see their match results

General improvements:

  • Gems that are earned during a match, are now displayed alongside coins during matches
  • Exhaust particles of ships are now different and distinct for each species
  • Faster matchmaking for new players


Nice, now the bugs are going to recede my fate and hopefully not look like crap in matches.