Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 02-01-2019 | 1.5.3 | smaller gaps


Happy New Year Everyone! :confetti_ball: :tada:

Patch 1.5.3 is now live in-game. A couple of small changes to start off 2019! :black_heart:




yay the hole sizes are smaller now. It was too easy for speed players to do speed holes earlier.


My first post in this forum.

  1. After an update, become unplayable for me. Graphics reduced to blurred screen. And various lags and delays occured. I can’t take mushroom, because it almost crashes the game. Any fun dissapeared. I was adviced to look to a settings section, which I haven’t looked before update, because all was fine (except some small lags). I found “automatic” was ON, which is “1x resolution” and no effects. So I changed it for usual “2x resolution” and all effects which I played without problems before update, and lags haven’t dissapeared, and it is still unplayable with or without advanced graphics. So sad. How will I play it again?
    (UPD. in my next comment)

  2. HOLES. In my oppinion, changing the size of holes makes very big influence for a gameplay. And idk if its good to change a game drastically. Does community want it???
    a) if you reduce hole size by 2x it is not the same as “it is 2 times more difficult to pass it”, because it depends on ship size. So by reducing 2x, the difficulty is reduced maybe by 3x or so (depending). Because you take into account risks: accuracy, delays, items, your own shooting, etc. In other words, your probability to pass a hole is reduces more than 2x, so you will avoid a holes more often, and it changes gameplay so that more camping, will occur, jumps and mines will increase in usefulness.
    b) comparing to CF2, here players look for a surrounding terrain more often, and passing a narrow hole would take to much concentration to it with increasing risk to be attacked by floating item, laser, homing missile and other. So it will decrease an amount of attempts of passing holes. E.g. in CF2 in “red speed” and “big turn” modes you avoid holes, and take them more rare than in Thin, Special, Corner modes.

In my opinion smaller holes are less fun because of increased camping, which is a bit more boring than game which was before.

Please cure graphical fevers!

Smaller holes lead to less direct interaction between the players and it gives fever/homing missile/laser players an edge over shooters/zappers because they do not need to to pass through the holes to attack other players.

I am afraid this update will unintentionally make the fevers/bombs etc a bit OP.

Maybe some balancing is in order?


Small holes are great. They are a challenge people actually need to play the game now. Before this Update it was just too easy to move around.

But i agree with meow. Something needs to change.

In my opinion (apart from the update) fevers got too good. Many players use 2 fevers and just spam them. With a little bit if aiming you almost hit every shot.

  • I would suggest to make fevers smaller, to make it somewhat challenging to hit someone. I hereby thought of the size of a triggerbomb.
  • Also making them disappear like the stealthmine after some time has been suggested in the past.

The holes are not the problem imo. They are fine. But the fevers that got much better because attacking is harder are. If you camp now and randomly shoot those fevers around you will hit someone sooner or later.


Nice… Gems are even more expensive now. You can buy full AAA game for 900 gems price. And this “most popular” icon lmao. How many players bought it? xD


I think they should make it so you can pick up fevers without losing points but you lose more points if you die with it. (like the OG fever assist)


I think that is a good idea :heart_eyes: but then you would get points frim fevers only once a round… thats almost like from 1 extreme to another


I agree fevers should be smaller. Size of a trigger bomb? Idk.


Maybe a lot less points you lose from fevers instead of none at all. Plus, if someone does die, the advantage is survival.

So you get points for a fever assist death and a tiny bit for giving them the fever.


(silver arena)
Just like in CF 2**** you are barely able to go through it twice, that’s a nice balance.

That going in twice should also be possible in higher arenas imo even if it should be a bit tighter to make it a real skill move.


Gems are still the same price.
Just updated conversion rates for some currencies because it changes all the time.
For some it might be cheaper and for others it might be more expensive but it’s more equal for everyone now.


I have a question about prices. I have two accounts, but prices in the shop are in different currencies on these accounts (RUB and EUR). Why does it happen? I suppose that it’s because I was travelling when I created and mostly played on 2nd acc. But I prefer both to be in RUB since I live in Russia. What should I do?


send a mail to [email protected] and they can look if they can change the store for you




Hello again.

As I wrote my first post, it was very laggy and unplayable after an update (although I made some browser restarts). I thought its bb for me. But a few hours LATER it became OK, as usual. Idk who and how changed it. Delays and low fps vanished. Here I attach a screen of previous resolution (even difficult to read names).

So now I can enjoy a game!

After playing decades of games, I think new HOLES are OK, but strategy becomes a bit different. +Easier for cf2 pros.



You can disable auto quality option in the settings and set what you think it’s best compromise between quality/performance. I recommend setting resolution to Normal or High and disabling particles or shadows if your FPS is low. Also, make sure your browser uses your dedicated GPU (if you have one). Read more here: Render performance tips


…now, after an update, and after normal gameplay lags disappeared, only “graphic” fever left to lag a gameplay. When I take mushroom/blind/pixels it almost crashes, like <1fps (instadeath). Before an update all was OK, tt was normal to handle any of three fevers.

I looked to my NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D setting and in there is no “OpenGL rendering GPU”. I use FireFox to play.

P.S. after mushroom is taken and I die, left/right controls become turned off for all consecutive rounds and bb :frowning: . Do you know how can I refresh and rejoin my game? I think it may restore controls.

UPD. Today (2 day after update) it is not “crashing” after graphic fevers for me. Still a bit laggier than before update.

Good luck :wink:


Forgot to mention that I meant CF2 in my previous post.