Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 01-11-2018 | 1.4.5



  • Reduced lag spikes.
  • Improved overall performance of the game.
  • Game overlay (scoreboard/event feed) are now rendered on the canvas for better performance.
  • In-game scoreboard has a cleaner design.
  • Added power icons to the event feed - thanks for the awesome tip @theangelov!
  • You can now see the ping and FPS during the game by pressing the tilde(~)/backtick(`) key.
  • We now track more data for powers to balance the game better.
  • If you don’t have powers selected new users now get a message notifying them to install powers.
  • Missiles no longer keep on spawning when the round ends.
  • Turrets no longer spawn for the last player that dies.
  • Power icons below ship are better aligned.


  • Fixed a bug where fevers would continue moving that resulted in desyncs and other issues.
  • Fixed issues with scoring not being accurate.
  • Fixed ships moving out of the screen when the game ends.
  • Fixed random particles flying over the screen for fevers.
  • Fixed issues where you could continue to play the game with an old client.
  • Fixed several issues where objects would be created multiple times like the flying points.
  • Fixed an issue where ships sometimes wouldn’t have shadows.
  • Removed the border indicator (finally) - thanks @GeraldFitz for pointing that out to us!


I assume we aren’t going back to saying “modules” but it sounded better imo.


Also, Idk about general performance issues, but the new in game scoreboard in the corner is a bit weird. Because its so small the pixels look huge and generally not super clean.

EDIT: this is just in low res settings :slight_smile:


What’s that?
I thought the while line at the border, but it is unchanged.


Initially in Curve Fever Pro the borders were open and you could go from one side to the other. When you got close to the border an indicator was shown on the other side of the screen as a guide, so you’d know where you’d come up on the other side. After we closed the border that indicator remained in the game, so whenever you got close to a border you would see a small dot on the other side.


Ok, guess I never noticed that it exists, either when walls were still open or later when they got closed. After consideration, it could’ve been indeed a useful thing to use at the beginning of the game if I had noticed its existence :rofl: Good to learn it’s removed though, then :smiley:




That really wasn’t necessary but thank you anyway ;D


Those turrets started innocent but seem to be getting more powerful every day - at least according to the logger that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


maybe it is a wrong icon?


It is, that’s why I said “according to the logger, that is” - otherwise it would be a really strange round in which I would’ve first shot turrets to get +22, and then was still alive enough to got shot by the turret in response, so… yeah :smiley: