Curve Fever Pro Update Nodes | 11-07-2019 | 1.8.7 | 1.8.8 (July 15th) | visual update


In this update we’re taking a first step of improving the look and feel of the game.


  • Default line-size reduced to 3.8 (was 4).
  • You now always leave a hole when dying, even if the gamemode does not spawn turrets.


  • Holes have caps that turn on while passing through them.
  • Added particles while turning.
  • The flame now indicates whether you will draw or not.
  • Reworked the flying points to be more noticeable.
  • Score UI now has an outline, making it more readable.
  • Longer display of score-changes for attacker and victim, allowing to have more time see what happened.
  • Removed flying points from self-inflicted damage (effects will still apply).
  • Updated homing search-radius to be more subtle.
  • New animations for getting hit.
  • Made invulnerable-state more obvious.
  • Reworked exhaust-particles.


  • Leaving an explosion-mark of the previous round on the field.


My feedback:

  1. Hole cap animation :heart: love it

  2. Smaller curves :ok: but why? any reasoning behind that?

  3. Once you shoot somebody there is an animation of the points stolen flowing from the opponent to you :skull_and_crossbones: Takes way too long if you steal a reasonable amount of points (20 points and it feels like an eternity + your line is shaking during the effect) and it is active even if you have particles switched off.


I agree. The visual update looks good but the animation for point stolen takes way too long. You just can’t wait that much time to know how many points you or your opponents have.


Thanks for the honest feedback so far :smiley:

I’ve already implemented a new, faster animation and some other tweaks to make the stolen points a bit more pleasing (and consistent/fast).
I’ll make sure it’ll be in the next update in somewhere in the upcoming week.

Chiep :bird:


Thanks :heart:

Btw what were your thoughts behind making the lines thinner?
Also will that animation be optional as the particles or not. I got pretty used to it and its pretty cool if it wouldn’t shake that much and be a little faster :joy:

GJ as always!!


We just thought smaller ships looked cooler, and it was strange to have smaller ships while the lines were same thickness, so we also made lines thinner. After testing a bit thinner lines I actually like them, it makes the field feel a bit bigger and I feel like I am more skilled/have more control over my ship. Also, most of the times now it feels like I’m dying because I chose the wrong path, not because I accidentally scraped against a image .


Good one. I personally (and many others) find it harder to controll your curve, but I guess that is just at the beginning. Was honestly a really nice visual update. I just think that with the current stealing animation and the particles there is a lot going on that is cool to see but is a bit distracting from the game. If you hit someone you almost get fully covered by all the extra features and don’t really see where you are going :joy:

I guess a little less would be better but that is just my personal opinion :wink: but I guess once you are used to it it’s ok


I will add some thoughts here as well:

  1. With new update everyone can see someone who uses hide when he steals the points from someone (with mine or fever for instance). I don’t if it’s bug (hope so), but it really destroys the game for those who uses hide self.
  2. It takes too long to see how many points you have after stealing. It’s really distracting to always watch on the scoreboard to see how many points you actually have.
  3. Ship starts to shake and becomes bigger when you steal points. It’s also really distracting and I see it as disadvantage (especially if you try to go through the hole).

I think that right now I like only smaller curve size. Seems to look well actually. But it would be cool if it’s possible to turn off shaking ship, it also becomes a bit laggy at this moment


PATCH 1.8.8 (July 15th)

  • Reworked how flying points travel, making them fly faster when there are more points.
  • Changed how score-changes are displayed so they don’t overlap anymore.
  • Fixed account registration not working.
  • Fixed not being able to change powers after changing opponents.


ty <3