Curve Fever Pro private game options



In curve fever pro there is an option to create a lobby and make it private or not. I think that there should be more options, such as to be able to control the pickups or control the lines of players or even control which powerups to be able to use. however, this is just a thought I would love to hear your feedback on this maybe you agree, maybe you don’t but all the same, I would like to hear your thoughts.


I completely agree and have been asking for this for a while.


100% agree


i’m happy to hear that people are agreeing with me on this!


let certaint people on your lobby instead of having a code for it

that brings me to another suggestion, letting us copy and paste names

also bring back the friends system

there should also be an option for when u can choose ur default color, instead of having to buy boring
grey/whiteblue/poop lines
i personally like orange, since it fits my name in curvefever pro

Anon#[random number] should be an official anonymouse name to choose from (idk lol, tradition?)

heres some music
4 Play all


i agree with these suggestions i honestly would like a friends system since a lot my friends play this game!


I agree with everything all of you already said. :smile: