Curve Fever Pro on Steam ?!


Hello everyone!:hugs:

As we slowly bake in the stifling Amsterdam weather :sun_with_face:, I wanted to share some of our upcoming plans with all of you.

We want to put Curve Fever Pro on Steam. We’re currently still in the initial stages, getting verified and all that good fun. However, I wanted to see what you all think of this. :eyes:

Will you like having Curve Fever Pro on Steam? Do you prefer having the game on your desktop rather than playing it in your browser?


OMG, I like this :heart::heart::heart: . First of all, I prefer to play my games on Steam, because I would have the Steam overlay (which means I will be able to chat with my Steam friends too). Second of all, it’s a bit painful to play CFPro on a browser (mostly on Chrome :confused: ) because Chrome just shallow my RAM like nothing and that lowers my FPS. Hopefully you will succeed with publishing it on Steam, because that would make my life way easier :smile:.


@theangelov you just said exactly, what was in my mind, a big ++ from my side as well. :slight_smile:


Quick question: Will it be ported for linux too? And if not, will the browser version be still available?


Always hoped for this to come true. Besides the technical side, it will also bring a lot of attention to the game with hopefully a bunch of new players :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me :+1:


I personally don’t use Steam, however my friends often just go and browse inde games when they’re bored, so I’m confident it would help the game’s player base. If I could have CurveFever on any platform, I would choose Nintendo Switch. Would be a nice addition to the less than Free to $5 titles such as Timberman VS and Color Zen.


yes. it would be way more fun and it won’t be laggy


i’d like it on steam.


Omg my love on steam


OK for me too, but only if there are a bunch of Steam Achievements!


Love it how people think it will make lag 10k times better, I honestly think it is not really a decition the community should make. It’s a devs choice.


If you have the game on Steam, shouldn’t it be called Curve Fever Steam?

Edit: It would be nice if you ported it to Steam.


I dont even know what is steam but if u guys like it then it must be good :laughing::+1:


Is it really a port? Wouldn’t it be just a fancier client like Create a Client for Curve Fever Pro?
Because I think there is some confusion about that in this Thread.


I would Really like this on steam! :grinning:


Steam is the BEST Gaming Platform that you can find a bunch of games and you can make an account for free.


Is this priority over releasing team mode this summer?


No :upside_down_face:
We’re still working very hard on teams, mostly trying to find the most fun gamemode.


No, it will not be a native port. It will be similar to the client that you can already make yourself, but being on Steam means you will get the cool features that come with a Steam game (Steam friends list, community hub, news, a store page, easy installation, possible achievements in the future, etc.).