Curve Fever Pro - Journal!


Me and @Alpha are going to introduce to you curvers a brand new project!

18/08/19 - A brief explanation.

After quarreling with myself, I’ve decided to make a decision to step up the game and to express my opinions about players; instincts, abilities/strength and how they structure their game-play. I thought to do this project with a friend of mine, @Alpha. We will put our sincerest thoughts on the players that we have selected to talk about their instincts, abilities/strength and how they structure their game-play. Please do not get offended as these are our opinions about you (if you do get pick as our option).

As a mentioned note, I quarreled myself into creating such a topic like this, as some players may think it as a fabulous topic, others may think it as a strange topic. This topic will have various categories and players will be picked for that certain category/title so we can describe our views about them.

This topic will be updated overtime as it comes.

Alpha & Hybrid.


Hmm this looks interesting… probably it will be funny to read and we will be able to learn some new things I guess :wink::smile:


Category : Top 5’s…
Title : Top 5 Moderators!

1 . the_hashtag


Alpha :
It is rare when you meet such people online, who are always kind without pretending to be. Samuel is definitely one of them! Also, the way that he does his job is amazing in my opinion. He also follows all the rules, which are required for his job. Samuel is just doing an amazing job than ever! To be honest, I have not played Curve Fever Pro that much (I have played only a bit more than 2000 games in total) and I am not really paying attention on people’s game-styles in Curve Fever Pro, but when to think about the_hashtag, the first thing that comes in my mind is his capability on stealing points from opponents with his Mines or Fevers. He also has pretty nice steering control, mostly because he has played previous versions of Curve Fever series: Curve Fever 2 and 3.

Hybrid :
Honestly, I think the_hashtag has an amazing attitude towards Curve Fever community and he is well known in the community for his job. From Alpha’s standpoint of view, I totally agree with what he has said and about the_hashtag’s game-play, he structures his game-play decently. He steers his curve quite smoothly and he keeps his eye on when to use his modules carefully and where the spaces are for him to survive. When coming into his job, he excessively tries to help out the community in his best ability and I honestly think that the_hashtag is doing the best that he can for the community and to help awareness of crazy players to keep everyone else safe for them to chat, play and have fun!

2 . theangelov


Alpha :
David is another player, that is always nice and polite to other players! He is also pretty cool, too. I cannot precisely say about how he is doing as a chat moderator but since most of the rude players seem to have ended their career at being rude to other players, I am sure that David and other chat moderators are doing great work. About David’s game-play, he is definitely one of the best players I’ve known so far and it is proved by a fact that he is a champion in the game and was well deserved for him. A wonderful victory! Also, he is one of the hardest players to play against, once he has picked you as a target, there is only one option left: run! His technique amazes me because his mind-play is absolute amazing. He is able to rob many points with his fabulous technique and mastermind his mind-play into further knowledge for him to gain more advantage of how to structure his game-play even more!

Hybrid :
As theangelov being the very latest player that recently joined the moderator team as a chat moderator, his job is to help and give guidance to players if any rudeness has been roaming around. He is definitely one of the funniest moderators and he does his job very adequately. He is able to handle such arguments to fight of against the rudeness and make the community into a happier, safer place for everybody to enjoy themselves having fun and to chat with other amazing players in the community. Although he recently just joined the moderator team, putting him has no.2 spot for this specific title was a reasonable choice because I’ve known theangelov for quite some time now and he is a very calm player with very mild attitude towards players and he can give you the laugh that you want! He is one of the people that is always kind to everyone and he never disrespects anyone if they are going through a rough time and he could settle you down by trying to calm you down! Talking about his game-play, I agree with Alpha. He surely does structure his game-play very well and it ought to think that it’s so impossible for me to do, but it’s a valid shot for me to try when I practice and get to his level of game-play. He also proceeds through many challenges that awaits for him up ahead and he takes on them by focusing on his game-play and masterminding how to use his modules carefully and how to steer. He is definitely one of the most rated players that i think should deserve the champion as he is proved by winning an explicit tournament which was a grand victory for this broad player.

3 . Line


Alpha :
Line is doing great job with tournaments, his schedules always work perfectly and he is just great at this job! He is probably the best non-champion of the game. The way he plays… Uh… You can’t meet many players that are on his level. He can use every module efficiently and as being former Curve Fever 3 player and current (this is not confirmed though) Curve Fever 2 player, his steering skills are amazing.

Hybrid :
Line is doing an outstanding effort as being a tournament moderator and creating amazing events for players to participate in and to make the best player win! Line has also competed in many tournaments and his skills showed an amazing effort around the game and it flashes out to players that he could win a tournament and to celebrate his fame for being a champion as for his skills is enough to determine that he should definitely be a champion! As the time comes, I confidentially think that Line could progress through the game even further by stepping up his game and to take his fame and to win a tournament! His skills are way beyond the limits that I thought it would be. He is one of the hardest players that I have ever faced off and he doesn’t give up a fight whenever he doesn’t comes first! Not many players could maintain his type of madness when talking about his levels of game-play and mind-play. Line is a very funny moderator, always cracking up jokes and makes players in the Discord community and in-game community to laugh. He is one of the nicest players that I’ve met so far and he has a calm attitude and a calm mind. As theangelov chose you as a target and you run? Well… Look out for Line… Once he chooses you, you should… HIDE.

4 . Owl


Alpha :
The Englishman OwI ruled in the game back in 2018. He was a tournament moderator. In my opinion, his tournaments were cool and he did a great job with hosting them! The ideas of his tournaments were especially cool, in my opinion! About his playstyle, he is also one of the best players of the game. As Line and theangelov, he controls modules very well - that is because of his high mind-play, probably. OwI is also a double champion in the game.

Hybrid :
As Owl being an ex-moderator (he quit his job in December), his talent as being a tournament moderator showed an extraordinary effort that he has put for the community. He organised very well tournaments for players to play and the event was played efficiently and steadily. His game-play is very similar to Line and theangelov. He controls his curve decently and uses the space that he secures and he has knowledge of how to use the modules that he has selected. It is proved that he is an expert of this game as he is a double-champion of Curve Fever Pro. He indeed hold his fame two times, big congratulations to Owl. He is also a nutty player as well, he likes to troll a bit and have a bit of entertainment for himself to enjoy. He is quite calm and has a mild mind but he is some sort of a nutty player!

5 . Averazon


Alpha :
Averazon is not a moderator for Curve Fever Pro only, he is also a moderator for Curve Fever 2. Unfortunately, he gets lots of critics from Curve Fever 2 community but in my opinion he is doing well with coping it and staying professional! I honestly have not played many times against Averazon so I do not really know which tactics he uses for game-play but what I can remember, he is a fan of Mines and uses them efficiently.
I respect Averazon because of the reasons mentioned above.

Hybrid :
As Averazon being the lead moderator and having a big responsibility above all other moderators, he is indeed a calm and a funny moderator. Although he does get a lot of criticism in Curve Fever 2, which was unfortunate, he fights through all the hate to get to the positive side. He tries his very best to do whats best for the community and many Curve Fever 2 players complained about Averazon using his tools for advantage and no apparent reason. Banning a player must have a reason behind it! Averazon did not ban players for no reason and why would such moderator do that? If he did, why is he still a moderator? This particular moderator has been getting many hate from Curve Fever 2 community and he does not deserve all the hate and he should deserve some love and respect because he is doing what’s best for the community and he is trying to make the game a safer place for everyone to enjoy. Besides all the negativity from Curve Fever 2, let’s move on to the positive side, where road takes us to heaven. Averazon is a wonderful moderator, does his job very well which allowed him to sustain his job. He is a funny person and a dramatic one too! A quote " Call me ‘the CF Messiah’" recalls that Averazon could be a dramatic moderator, which gives me entertainment and it made me calm some of the times! About his game-play, I have never really seen Averazon play that much. As I can think of, he is progressing through minor stages into the game and it can guide him to structure out his game-play even more.

Thanks to everyone who has read this post! It took me and Alpha 1 hour to type our thoughts about our nominees! We appreciate you for reading this and it allows us to continue on with our project!

Our next entry will be “Top 5 Champions!”

P.S. If you are a moderator and have not been put on this list, you are doing a fantastic job, keep it up and make the community rise!

Alpha & Hybrid.


This seems interesting, do me too if possible. Thanks.


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Do not forget we are playing as a team [TEAM MOD!] everyone is doing as much as he/ she can.


We obviously know you guys work as team, it so happens that you were our first nominee to be placed at the very top. Every moderator is doing the best that he/she can and we are glad for what they do for the community.(edited)


It’s nice to see you’re such engaged in the game @Alpha @Hybrid
Cool project, and it’s interesting to know more about these legends haha :slight_smile:


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16/01/20 - Reviving this topic.

Wondering if you have any requests for about what to write! Anyway, are you still using this forum?

Hybrid & Alpha.


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