Curve Fever Pro - Beginner's guide



In this topic, you can find all questions and answers that come up frequently. Utilising this post, we want to make it easier for new, but also returning players, to get to know the game a bit better. Have a look at the overview and maybe your question will be answered by just scrolling down! When you can still not find an answer, have a look at our wiki, or ask the community <3


  • Account and gameplay
  • Ship and modules
  • Coins, Gems and Crates
  • I have a problem, question or suggestion
  • In-game settings or technical aspects
  • I have a suggestion for beginners myself
  • I want to report someone
  • Useful links

Account and gameplay

Do you want to know something more about your account? How the game really works? You are at the right place to learn something about that.

  • How many game modes does Curve Fever Pro have?

The main game mode is ‘FFA’ mode. You can learn more about this mode here. The developers are also looking into some fresh game modes! KevWatch will tell you a little more about that in his forum post.

  • Can we play custom games, with teams or tournaments?

Yes you can! Click the play button, choose custom rooms. You can join or create money yourself.

  • How do I see or change my account information

Make sure to go in-game. Log-in and look at the left top of the screen. You will see your username and rank. Click on this. Now you will see all information about your account!

Ship and modules

Ships are what you control. There are three species of ships, each of which has eight ships to unlock, totalling at 24 ships. Each ship can equip two modules. Modules can be used to attack, mislead or defend yourself in-game. Ships are earned through in-game research points. Modules are discovered by getting new ships and upgrade points which you can get through crates or the shop. More information on all ships, modules and what they do can be found here and here. Also, watch some cool YouTube videos the developers made! You can check them out here.

  • What is the total amount of ships in-game?


  • What are the different modules and what do they do?

All different modules and what they do can be found on our wiki.

  • How do I get new ships?

By playing the game you get crates. In these crates, you earn research points which will discover a new ship. When you have enough research points, going towards a specific ship, it unlocks. Or the easier way is to buy them with some gems you saved up or bought in the in-game store :slight_smile:

  • How do I get a new module and/or upgrade them?

Getting new modules happens gradually, as you progress through the game. To unlock or upgrade your module, you will have to wait for some research/upgrade points earned by unlocking crates. You can also upgrade modules by having a look at the shop!

Coins, gems and crates

We’ll explain you a little more about what these do and how you can use them to your advantage.

  • How do I use coins?

Coins can be earned by playing the game or by buying them in the shop. Coins can be used to upgrade modules, get some research done or throw yourself into some daily offers!

  • How do I use gems?

Gems can be used in many ways. You can unlock crates, buy ships and buy advanced research teams that temporarily triple the research points you get from crates for a specific species of ships. Gems can be earned by unlocking crates, by playing the game and by buying them in the shop.

  • I want to get more coins and gems.

Are you in-game? Do you see that big green button in the top-right of the screen? That’s the shop! Here you can buy yourself some extra gems in case you need them. Also, you’d be supporting Hidden Monster Games and keeping the lights on in the studio. If you enjoy playing Curve Fever Pro, your support is more than welcome.

  • What is a crate?

Crates are earned, mostly, by playing the game. The better you play, the more valuable your crate is! Crates contain different items. These can be coins, module points and research points. The game has a set of different types of crates that are rewarded based on your performance, a mega crate and even… free crates! :slight_smile: Don’t forget to visit the shop every day for a free basic crate that unlocks right away! Want to know more about crates? Click here.

  • I can’t remove or equip modules.

Indeed. You already played with this module and you earned a crate with it (by playing with it). You can switch out these modules and earn a new crate with them, after it has been unlocked.

I have a problem, question or suggestion

You could have a cool suggestion, maybe a problem or a question (that rhymes). We’d love to hear from you! Here’s what you can do.

  • I have a question about the rules, guidelines, terms of service or privacy policy.

Good, because these are important! Please feel free to read them through and contact us if you have a question about them.

FAQ, About, Terms of service and privacy policy.

  • I have a question concerning a purchase.

When you have bought something in-game and need more information or something went wrong, please contact the support service at [email protected]

  • I want to ask or suggest something general.

Cool :smiley: We are happy to hear from you as a member of this awesome community. Feel free to post something on the forum or stop by and say hello to the others on the Curve Fever Discord Server. We have a link to the Discord server in the ‘useful links’-section of this post.

In-game settings and technical aspects:

You have a question or have a problem. No worries, we’re here to help!

  • I experience bad performance or lag

We are sorry that the game seems to lag or not give you the best experience when playing. Our players and developers are here to help you with the most common fixes. Please keep in mind that not everything is listed here. You can still experience lag or bad performance but do not be afraid and email our support service at if this didn’t help you. And always check if your internet connection is stable, you lovely dummy! <3

  • Changing the volume.

To edit the settings, click on your profile first, next click settings. Check the picture below for a better look, We have “Master volume”, “Sound effects” and “Music”. You can control the bar by clicking on it and dragging it, or use the mute-unmute buttons! Don’t forget to save your settings, or else you won’t hear the difference.

  • How to enable/disable fullscreen

Oops! You like playing on fullscreen and now it’s back to your normal browser window, or just maybe… you like that browser window! No worries, you can enable and disable fullscreen in the settings menu. Go to your in-game profile, click settings and click on/off at “fullscreen”. Make sure to save your settings.

  • I want to play CFPro in a client

You’d rather play on a client instead of a browser? HMG dev XCS knows how to deal with that! XCS made a cool guide which explains you how to make CFPro run on a client. Follow the steps and enjoy :slight_smile:

  • I lost my account access

Whoops :c You forgot your email or password! Keeping track of all these internet accounts is sometimes not as easy as you think, but no need to panic.

  • I still have my login details but I want to change my password.
    When you can still access your account, but need to change your password. Go to your in-game profile, click “change password”

  • I forgot the email I use to log in.
    Email the support service at [email protected] . Please make sure to include as much information as you can to retrieve your account. We need to make sure you are the real you :slight_smile:

  • I forgot my password.
    _Email the support service at [email protected] . Please make sure to include as much information as you can to retrieve your account. We need to make sure you are the real you :slight_smile: _

I have a suggestion for beginners myself!

Awesome! Thank you for being awesome and wanting to help others, new and regular :slight_smile: We are always happy to receive feedback, but also your suggestions, as well as tips and tricks for new players. Message a moderator on Discord, or share what want in the applicable forum thread. Please stay constructive and friendly.

I want to report someone

There are reason ways why you might report someone. Below you can see what the most common reasons are, along with some helpful tips. Reporting does help; we handle each case personally. No exceptions.

  • Some tips - Read before you report!
  • Make sure you mention which Curve Fever game it concerns
  • The correct username of the person you want to report
  • Be clear on why you’re reporting this person
  • Have you tried other options? Muting/ignoring?
  • Make sure you collect and include proof to support your report. Screenshots, videos, you name it!
  • I want to report someone for toxic, racist or other bad in-game behaviour.

Someone being rude, cheating or harassing you? Not in this community! You can report players for toxic in-game or forum behaviour. If you feel your case needs to be escalated, then the best way to go about it is by emailing the support desk at [email protected] with your experience and as much proof of your claim you can supply.

  • I want to report someone for cheating

Always try and think twice when reporting someone for cheating. It can be a factor of which they are not aware of. For example; somebody lagging. If people cheat, having the intention to gain points the false way, you may report them with proof at [email protected]

  • I want to report someone on the forum

Each forum post has to ability to be “flagged”. When you click on an icon looking like a flag, this message will be marked. Moderators can see the marked messages and can act if required to. Please only mark/flag posts or threads when you believe they are not following our rules and/or guidelines.

Useful links

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