Curve Fever Pro - A universe to discover


Hope you are all enjoying this! Generally made it for the new people joining the game which are confused. Short video with everything important in it.

  • ya boi ave


Wow, that video is so well made! Love this video :heart: .
Maybe its an idea to put the video in the main menu ( with play, crates, shop etc) just like the video of 44FrenchFries. I think it would help out a lot of new players.


lol,ilovecurvefever was you :joy:


Wait… My video was put in the main menu? Wow i didnt know about that :smiley:


It’s more like an example to make more videos about CF4 but it is in the main menu, I can just click on it right away. If the video of @Averazon is like that but on a separate tile I think it would help to make new people understand the game more.


We update the videos (if there are any new ones) regularly so Ave’s video is up next. You’ll see it in the community section of the game next week :grin:.