Curve Fever is now on Instagram


Curve Fever is now on Instagram!

We will celebrate this by drawing 3 lucky people to get 30 days of FREE VIP! :star:

To participate, just follow these 3 simple steps below!
Like the Instagram post, tag a friend and follow our account to have a chance to win free VIP!


This is so cool! I was going to ask you if you had a social media moderator! if you dont I would love to fill in even if you dont pay me :heart:
What about curve fever’s twitter page? :bird:
one last question what will you be posting?


on instagram. intersting… you better post some trick shots or something :relieved:


Next step will be Curve Fever on Steam… for sure!! :innocent:


We do have a Social Media Manager!

We will be posting all sorts of latest news, content and challenges :cfp:




i dsgusted by ig, that place is thot central


keep that negativity tied up in your basement


keep that salt in your mouth, please…


it was a joke im pretty sure i liked an commented, still it is thot central


Insta cat <3


Is that your cat? Looks so cute :cat: :heart:


Yes <3