Curve Fever is not working?


you bought curve on steam?


I bought pass, angel, vampy, sh*tty :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: lol


I have notified Geert about the situation :+1:


Curve has been cancelled for Steam.


Thanks @theangelov thats news to me! Forgive me if the c word was already used before and I missed the thread… it was my understanding that whenever this subject arose the common answer was “it’s uncertain as development has stopped for now” :frowning: Even though it was fairly obvious this might be the case it is nice to get some confirmation on the matter, thank you. It’s wishful thinking but I wonder if CFP will re emerge someday under a different company name in order to bypass certain “implications” we can only hope! I’m just glad it’s still alive :slight_smile:


It will be on steam in valve time so we good guys

Is there a statment from @Geert or anybody yet?


Yeah, I cant get in either, so annoying


MY DRUG. Need it now. Cmon Geert my hands are shaking like hell. Give me back the curve. GIVE IT BACK. GEEEEEEERT


LOL :rofl:


I understand you bro.
It was this night around 2 A.M UTC+1. I was gladly curving with my friends 'til this error message appears. I refreshed the page during 2 whole hours without reaching the game. I was lost. Between tears and shouts, I opened a good polish vodka and began to get drunk. I just finished the bottle. I’m cold, laid on the floor. Waiting for a signal, a hope that it will work soon. I don’t know if I will last long, this is maybe my last message. That was a pleasure to curve with you. All these moments will last forever in my heart.

jk lol


The problem has been resolved!
The game is back up and running!
Happy curving!
:+1: :partying_face:

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