Curve Fever is not working?


So for some reason, Curve Fever is not loading in my browser or app. It just says connection lost. What to do?

SSL certificate is expired
What is with Curvefever?

mine to im not sure its either they took it to steam and they wont allow browser anymore…OR


its being filed into steam currently and noone can join curve


thanks… i’ve been paranoid


Ok, yw


It’s down for me too




I’m pretty sure it’s not working for everyone


@Stamina_Glitch - The SSL certificate has expired. This is something that I believe only Geert can sort out. The last time it happened he resolved it within 24 hours. I highly doubt it’s being ported to Steam xD


im just oon discord and this bc there is nowhere else to be


and ok, but it will be on steam soon, there was a whole topic that a moderator set up talking about it


@Stamina_Glitch - Link to topic please?


kk fam hold on




Zero Look


Well this sucks. I just got on the steam thing and it looks like it sucks plus it wont be available for a lot of people.


Why cant we just keep curve like it is. Damn.


Thanks @Stamina_Glitch, yeah this is an old topic. I thought maybe there was a newer announcement you were speaking of but I couldn’t find one. Players are unsure if this is actually going to happen now as the mods have commented saying CFP has stopped development.


haha, for sure I might have wasted my money