Curve Fever Challange


hello this is Person from curve fever and here is a few challenges for you :slight_smile:

  1. Speed+Blind fever
  2. Trigger bomb+Power dash
  3. Brake+Power dash
  4. None+ Jump
  5. Low rez fever+Zap
    post your place too!


I will try it tomorrow. The hardest one to win is probably Jump only.


ok cool :smile:


so what do you gotta do to complete the challenge?


you need to use 1 of the 5 set-ups


Does the speed mean speedy fever or speed burst?


Played 3 of 5 !
Ill send ID of teh matches


no I mean, what’s the challenging part? if the challenge is to play one game using one combo then it’s not a hard challenge
how about “reach GM with one of these”?


74R45 that is a good idea but what i ment was like use a combo play 1-5 matches with it and see how good u did and make a schreenshot thats all


Haha line is that u trying to win with only jump? :rofl:

Btw thats me training before the WC2 tour :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s also not a challenge anymore if you use any combos :joy:


what do u mean???


I meant that i proposed several challenges here on forum before and one of them was to become a gm without modules at all. Since I proved it’s possible I’m not sure using any combos to become gm is a challenge: it’s much easier than doing it without modules and for sure it’s doable by a lot of people. Propose harder challenges please! :wink:


ok but what is your rank like i am a Gold 5 star almost Diamond ???