Curve Fever Blocked


Please Help me


i dont know about your school but on mine i can install a chrome extension called TouchVPN and activate the network restriction bypassing


I’ll try it


yep lol same


Currently we don’t have anything in place that could let you bypass those blocks.
That means you are on your own to try and bypass it.

As other users suggested for some blocks a VPN will work, however you must obviously have access to install something either on the browser or on the machine itself.


use a web proxy…


Lol we don’t know how


UHHHH your school internet has blocked but my school only blocks IO networks and this is pro so yay


My school blocks certain things to download


same here


Is there a reason why schools block Io games?


Sure, they don’t want students to play during school :joy:


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People play it in classes


the dot at the end is important.

[help me] Bad News

I don’t see a dot other than the period and the .pro part


Also my school blocks sites by the ip address and blocks things to download :sob:


Whoops. Weird autolink. I edited and fixed it. But if your school blocks by ip Im not sure this will still help :confused:
Good luck.


Lol ok thanks


Brosuke! According to the research, short research, I found TochVPN is bad. Get ProtonVPN since we are talking about VPN. Rojoss is amazing!