Curve Fever acquisition - the future of Curve Fever


Hi everyone, I am here to announce that Curve Fever has been acquired by another party.
This will come with a lot of changes in the future which I will explain in more details below.
Many of you might be disappointed by this but in the end it should be the best for the Curve Fever brand.
Feel free to leave any questions you might have and I will try to answer all of them but this post should cover most of the details.

The acquisition

The brand intellectual property has been acquired by the creators of Curve Crash.
Curve Crash is a great remake of Curve Fever 2 and the team behind it is very passionate about CF.
Their intention is to develop a new game using the main Curve Fever brand similar to Curve Fever 2.
You can join the Curve Crash Discord server to stay up to date about developments on the new project.

Curve Fever Pro

Last year I took over Curve Fever Pro so that the game could be maintained and updated.
There are still shareholders that own the brand itself such as Geert who created the brand and others.
I basically just got a license to take over the game and develop it.
Now that the brand has been acquired we had to re-evaluate this license.
The Curve Crash creators were kind enough to give me a license to keep developing the game but I have decided to stop developing CFP.

The main reason for this is that their new game will be the main game and CFP would very likely die slowly.
Mostly because I don’t have the resources to make CFP a big success, I can only do so much as a single developer that works on it as a side project and unlike them I have no intentions to invest a lot of money in the game.

This will however not mean that CFP will be killed right away.
I will keep maintaining the game with minimal effort the upcoming months for sure and it might even be a year or more. In the upcoming weeks I will change the infrastructure of the game to reduce the costs so that the game can stay up longer for the people who want to continue playing the game.

There will be no more content updates, only critical issues will be fixed to keep the game running.


Will CFP be taken down and will anything change right now?

Not at this moment, but it is possible that it gets taken down in the future.
For more details read the entire announcement and the next Q&A.
For now not much will change either, you can continue to play Curve Fever Pro like you’re used to.
There will be an announcement in the future when we plan to actually take it down.

When will CFP be taken down?

There’s no set date yet, when there is it will be announced at least 30 days in advance.
Like mentioned above it can be months but also years, but most likely it will remain running for at least another 6 months.
It mostly depends on how quickly the game dies off because I do not want to spend too much of my own money on server costs. Additionally it depends on how quickly the new game is developed and released.
There will likely be a period of cross-promotion after they release their game and then we will discuss an end date.

Why do you want to quit developing CFP?

Most of this is explained above but here’s a short summary for some of my reasoning.
If you want any more details you can always ask.

  • For me it would be very demotivating knowing that there’s a direct competitor which uses the main brand. It basically means CFP could die off any moment pretty quickly so investing time in developing the game wouldn’t seem worth it anymore.
  • The Curve Crash team is much more passionate about the game than I ever will be
  • The Curve Crash team has more resources to grow the game in terms of development and finance
  • For me personally it results in quite a bit of stress doing most of this on my own and it’s become quite a massive project
  • For me personally it’s a good opportunity to look further and it allows me to work on other projects
  • The codebase of CFP has become quite bloated and outdated so maintaining it becomes more difficult with every feature that has been added post release and there’s a lot of them

What will happen to my CFP account?

As long as the game remains running your account will be kept.
When the game is taken down all data will be deleted for privacy reasons.
You can always take screenshots of your profile.

Can I get a refund for the things I purchased in CFP?

The money has been used to pay the cost for the servers so there’s no way we can refund any of this.
This is also stated in our terms and conditions in the refund policy.
I will however make an exception and accept refunds for purchases up to 90 days before the day the game is taken down. More details about this exception will be shared when the game is taken down.

Can I still make purchases in the game?

Yes, purchases are still very much appreciated.
The servers still have to be paid while the game is up and running, when the game becomes less popular the cost will eventually outgrow the revenue too much which will also mean I have to take the game down.
In today’s update I have increased the gem packages so that you get 50% more gems.

What about the staff team, will the game be moderated?

Just like it is demotivating for me to continue development it will also be demotivating for staff to keep moderating the game. I have told the staff it is totally fine if they will stop being active.
I will still try to keep the community in good shape but I hope everyone plays a part in this as well.
The community of the game has always been the best thing for me and I hope it can stay this way for the upcoming months.

Will there still be tournaments?

Most likely yeah, but I will leave this completely up to the staff and community.
Unofficial tournaments are always possible and rewards for them as well.

What about the communities such as Discord and the forums?

The forum will be taken down when the game is taken down.
The Discord server will remain active for as long as needed but it will be rebranded to Curve Fever Pro.

Will it be possible to play the game after it’s taken down?

Unfortunately not because the game requires a connection with the servers.
All the data will be deleted and the servers will be taken down.

Personal note

Lastly I want to end this announcement with a personal note.
Most of all I want to say it’s been an amazing journey of 8 years or so.
Millions of players have seen and/or played Curve Fever, and it’s great knowing that I contributed to this and likely brought a smile to the faces of a lot of people.

I want to thank all players for being part of this, because you guys were the reason I continued development for the past years when the company behind Curve Fever went bankrupt.
Mostly all the active community members and staff members, you’ve been really great and the community is what made the game really stand out in my opinion.
It’s difficult for me to let go of the game but I believe it’s in good hands and in the end it might be better for everyone but I’m sure many will not see it this way right now, not even me some times so it’s a hard call but for me personally it’s probably best to move onwards as well.
Once again thank you all for being part of this amazing journey, and if I don’t chat to you anymore all the best.

I’ll still be around on Discord so you can always reach out.
Hopefully you all stick around till the end with me and we can try to make the best out of this.

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sounds like it could survive if someone put a ton of money into it :joy::sweat_smile::confused:

Thanks for all your hard work Rojoss you have managed cfp well these past years and thank you to all the other devs who helped maintain this community :slight_smile:


Great thanks for all your work on this fabulous game during all these years @Rojoss! :+1: :heart:

And I hope some people will take over soon… May CFP find new life and still live for years! :pray: :star2:


@Rojoss Will the source code be released for us to play the game locally with our friends? Or will current features of CFP be implemented into curve crash?


No that likely won’t be possible unfortunately.
The creators of Curve Crash are now the owners of the source code and all assets and such.
So it will be up to them to decide what to do with it when the game eventually is taken down.
These kind of details have not really been discussed yet though because right now there’s no plans yet to take it down so there might be more information about this in the future when things look more grim.


That’s unfortunate, do you know if Curve Crash has any ideas to develop a game similar to CFP? I loved the gameplay of powers and having to steal points and whatnot.


Thanks for this wonderful journey Rojoss.
It’s been five years I play this game almost everyday because that kind of relax me.
Knowing that the end is coming is heartbreaking. I got to know so many people and spent so much time here. I’ll likely play CFP until the end as it is engraved as a old habit for me tho.
But life moves on, I wish you the best in your future projects. That’s best for you for sure don’t have regrets because of your decision


If it weren’t for this adventure I’d be so behind on everything… it’s such a surprise how much a 2d game and it’s community can teach you.
Stay in touch. Love you all so much guys :heart:
Thanks for everything


Additional message from Rojoss posted in Discord earlier today:

In follow up to yesterday’s announcement I have just rolled out an update to the game.

Most importantly there will be one final battle pass :tada:
A huge thanks to d3p7h1 :heart: who’s willing to create some more awesome content for the final battle pass.
Since the current battle pass ends in 2 weeks we have extended it till July for now.

Additionally as promised in the announcement you now get 50% more gems for all gem packages.

Lastly I want to clarify that for the time being the game will continue to run, the major difference is that there will be no more content updates from now on except for the new battle pass.
I have no plans to take it down in the near future and neither do the creators of Curve Crash who are now the owners of the Curve Fever brand.
For now the game is sustainable and with some adjustments to the infrastructure it should be sustainable for quite a while still.
There are just more risks the game will die now that there are no more content updates and now that a new game is being developed which will be marketed.
When things look more grim I will let you all know for sure but right now there’s no reason to worry and you can continue to play CFP like you used to. :heart:


rojoss i dont blame u for leaving the game but i admire u that u took ur time devloping the game


Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in @Rojoss and I hope all goes well for you in the near and extended future!