[Curve Fever 2] Servers issues



Dear Curve Fever staff,

Sorry to bother you for CF2 issues, but since messages have been disabled in the CF2 forum, we can’t inform you when something not going well.

I know that you are putting much efforts for promoting Curve Fever Pro and do your best for it’s success. I respect this but according to me Curve Fever 2 players are also a part of the CF community, simply because CF2 is still running.

Since around 22:00, the CF2 servers are really unstable. We are constantly getting kicked from the servers, and have to wait like 5/10 minutes for reconnecting with the following message “player IO unreachable”.

Please, could we have some details concerning these issues ? (activity peak that put the servers down ? Reboot of servers ? Security issues ?). Some communication would be appreciated if you plan to reduce slowly the CF2 servers performances.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe you dont know but HMG is not developing anymore. So it might only go down from here on. If u want to report stuff for cf2, I guess discord is the best option :wink: got no infos tho about the issues sry


insert titanic flute song


Oh, I didn’t know that HMG is not developing anymore. Sad to hear that. Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: