Current state


Hi, how are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing fine despite the current coronacrisis. I just came back to this game after a break of (probably more than) a year. It’s still fun to play! Anyways, I’m just curious what the current state of this game is? The last thing I remembered was that HMG went bankrupt. I know this game doesn’t get big updates anymore, but are there any plans to revive this game? Also, are there still active players from the “old-school” days? :joy:


Well first of all welcome back :D!

For the current state of the game, it is still bankrupt but Rojoss cameback to do some voluntary work for a while ( Don’t expect too much tho). We should have an update somewhere soon with a new battle pass including skins and avatar made by the community.

For the Old school players… well there is me who never gave up on the game lol, there is also Line (suditrol) Owl and a couple more that you will meet in game most likely.


I am going to make a 100% $10 dono (Im getting gems) it could be more <3
also Welcome! I am @Person or @daRealPig if you were wondering!


Welcome back champ!

Like hohoho said we did have Rojoss do some development work in his spare time and he managed to do some great work on implementing teams mode again and some cool stuff happening in the future with battle passes etc, but no timeframe on when that will be completed.

There’s a few old school players hanging about here and there :eyes:


Oh my, Maluku is back in the house! Good to see you again :smile:


Welcome back maluku :joy:

Well we are getting some updates here and there which is fun. Sadly there are no more official tours lol (#hacker) but as you said it is still fun to play. Can’t wait to play u again!


Hey Maluku, nice to see you! The game is fortunately alive, there are a couple of new modes (team and FFA 8). I didn’t play for about a month, but I’m still around even with some breaks. I think I will start again with new battle pass appearance :wink: