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Hey ! I made my own Tier List after PATCH 2.4.1, that ranks all powers based on the strength of their abilities, as well as their potential to win matches under classic conditions, assuming players are of equal skill.
Tier lists are most commonly made for fighting games that are played at a high competitive level.

it could be fun if many people do the same. We will have an average powers ranking of the game. Feel free to make your own and compare with mine. :grinning:

Link :


Teleport is top tier :laughing:


I don’t use teleport but when coupled with Zap it can be great for a good player. And you can do the same as Jump if you’re good. I mean I made my list based on how powers could be useful for top players, not just casual gamers :laughing:


No offence, but teleport zap is only good in casual lobbies, where players have less quick reaction and are easier to hit. In higher lobbies both powers are mid to bottom tier because of how consistent you have to be to get hits and win games at high levels. Teleport is defensively worse than most blue powers, so it is not good enough to be top tier.


Thank you for your answer ! Do you play yourself in high lobbies ?


Yes, I mostly play in Grandmaster and diamond lobbies.


I would be happy to see your own ranking, can you do it ?


Sure, give me a few minutes


This is a quick make of what I think the meta currently is.


Why did you put clock block in top tier ? Is having powers off worse than other fever powers ?


It is simply the best fever due to effect, duration and steal %. Plus, with the fever buffs, fevers are very good now.


Here’s my tier list.


Again teleport at the top :confused:


I put them like that. Mines before update would’ve scored higher than fevers for me. Before update mines was high tier for me. Also i think time bomb dropped alot after update. Shots wouldve been higher before update some of them maybe top tier. But they are all quite similar in my opinion except laser homing and zap-scatter as well as fevers. I put Clock Block and Speedy a bit higher cause i think they play a better role in team games. I put homing upper mid-tier but i havent played with it that much to form an opinion. Also of the things that i have seen corner after that major update that nerfed it alot has dropped alot of points. Only the blue powerups range from top tier to bottom tier cause they are so different from each other.


Thanks :wink:


Up !



my personal opinion:



My own personal opinion. Honestly, I just love double-shot so it gets special attention.