Create a Client for Curve Fever Pro




I will describe an easy way to make a native client for Curve Fever Pro so you don’t have to use the browser to access the game.

  1. Install Node.js. After that, go to next step.
  2. Open the console in the folder in which you want the game client to be downloaded.
    To open the console:
    • Windows: Shift+Right Click (somewhere inside the folder)-> Open Powershell window here (or open command prompt)
    • Mac: CMD+SPACE to open spotlight search, search for terminal and press enter
  3. Install nativefier by typing npm install nativefier -g in the previously opened console.
  4. After everything is installed run, in the same console, the command: nativefier ""

That’s all, you should now have a folder whose name starts with “Curve Fever Pro” and which contains a Curve Fever Pro executable.

Let me know if you are stuck on any of those steps or if it doesn’t work in your case.

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So web blockers won’t block this?


probably :slight_smile:


The client will just be a slim browser showing the page. It might offer a performance boost for some as most of the normal browser components are missing (no extensions, user accounts, tabs, etc.). It probably won’t fix any connectivity issues, unless the connectivity issues were created by a browser extension.


I am confused on where to start step 2


So, I saw the edit, is step 2 after the installation process, or in the process?


So the steps are:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Install nativefier (by running the mentioned console command)
  3. Create the client for (using the mentioned console command).

The client is still a browser, so you can still use shortcuts like F11 to go in and out of fullscreen for example.


Can I put the exe anywhere I want or does it have to remain in the folder it was created?


It should remain there, but you can create a shorcut to it on the desktop if you want.


I tested it, booting the shortcut from the flashdrive didn’t work on the other computer, but the exe did. The exe took like 20s to boot


Yes, you can’t just copy the shorcut, it needs all the files. It takes time the first time to load as it still has to download all the game files the first time you load the game.


Oh so it installs the files onto the host PC?
I need to do this every update right?


What did Node.js do for this?


Node.js is only installed so that npm is also installed, which used for the command “npm install -g nativefier”.


Also, looking at other sources, why didn’t you mention installing electron, and also I would like to change the icon of the exe on Windows.


why wont u create client then if its that easy and makes game work much better.


It isn’t a priority, even after the bugs and improvements, it will take a while until any other idea is less prioritized. Then we can also hopefully see a mobile app come. (100% unconfirmed)

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After installing Node.js I had to reboot before the command npm could be found.


You only have to restart the console. :wink:


Yea that could have been it.