Crate tiers



Could you put like a create tier image showing the highest and lowest crates and in order? thanks


your welcome dude , greetings :v:


I’d like to know the drop rates for discovering new modules from different tiers of crates.


Dude, I know that, but I was asking what are all the types of crates? I know how to get them and stuff. I highest I have gotten is gold crate and I was wondering if there were better ones and what they are.


1st place = GOLD crate.
2nd place = SILVER crate.
3rd place = BRONZE crate.
4th, 5th, 6th places = BASIC crate.
That’s all.


oh ok tthanks


And there’s the MEGA crate, which you get every time you collect 8 other crates :slight_smile:


Was mega crate removed? I never see it anymore :confused:


two years later


Woah there is a wiki?

Except all the pages but one were deleted :frowning: