Count down for new season!



30 min until new season! Lets get it!


There’s still 1 day off-season :stuck_out_tongue:


Which ones gonna be the 3 first skins to play with,im curious to see if is convenient to buy the battle pass from tomorrow


@Rojoss I have a question?Can you use gift cards to purchase gems. Say I buy a $25 dollar visa gift card from a store could I use it or does it have to be a credit card.


It depends where you’re from but we only support credit card, Paypal & Paysafe card for most countries.
For example if you’re from the Netherlands you can pay with IDEAL which lets you pay with debit cards.
You can just click on gems and see what options you get.
But no, gift cards are not really supported.


Does still paypal keeps supporting payments ?thought it’d have shut down some of those features like that