Cost of playing with ur fav. combo


assuming ur fav. combo has powers not in the free ones.

1 energy -> 5 gems
2 energy -> 10 gems
1 game -> 10 gems
400 gems -> 15 dollars
40 games -> 15 dollars
3 games -> 1 dollar

3 games or small fries? u decide

I really don't like this update now
New way of playing Curve Fever

400 gems -> 100 energy -> 50+ games (can also get free points from crates and your power might be in a crate)

12 dollar (10 euro) for 50 games is 5 games per euro. Considering a game takes on average 6 minutes, that is 30 minutes per euro or 5 hours per 10 euro.

and then you can also get points and energy for free in the game. That is a better value than most AAA games


if you’re taking about single player AAA games, i recently bought god of war for me. it was like 30 dollars. And i played it for like 200 hours to get my platinum tropy (ps4).


I think it is a lil mich as well… especially if you think of tournaments and such :joy: if you r not licky and get the right combo for free you need to pay to play the tour.

Here some calculations…

You get 16 points out if 4 crates… that makes 8 points because the other you need for crates… still it is 8 games + 1 from free energy … so 9 games of points …

If you play 2 days with the free ones, you save yourself 18 games and that should be at least some games with your favourite combo…

Since shots and fever r basically all equally good the free options are relatively easy to use imo. But tell me what you think about this :blush: