Corona Virus



Have You been infected?

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There should be an option for “I don’t know” :joy: many many people are actually infected and just didn’t get any symptoms yet or will never get any at all :joy:


Hmmmm 23% of voters have said they are positive. Is this for real?


It is obviously not! There are not even close to enough tests being made :joy: nobody knows how many there are atm. Could be 1% or 50% or the world population :joy:


Coronavirus: Exists
Humanity: Decides to hoard toilet paper and food
Me: What does that have to do with the virus, Humanity? TP and food can’t feed on viruses or nothing like that!


Oops I accidentally clicked yes. I was going to click no.


Oh wait I did click no, nvm


Hehh idk am i infected or just stupiddd


I have no idea


But we eat food xD


And what?


@Stardust-12217411 plz dont edit name of this topic


i just put yes… I got the flu but idk if that was COVID-19…


Im very sick but I dont think its covid


No you don´t have covid for sure. Here in germany the average age of covid death is 82!!! years which means in numbers that its more reasonable that you die in traffic or by drugs or lightning strike. Do not listen to the media all day long they just spreading fear to the people. As sad as it is…keep your mind free and your body will be fine…btw 70% of all covids have no symtomps at all…Don´t play their game play your own like cfpro or whatelse you like :wink:


I live in New York and learned that I was affected in March, but it did not require medical attention, which is the case with most affected with COVID anyways ;p


Well reason being is because my disease has to do with my brain, and covid is the lungs.


I’m still bothered by the title, Pidgey.

Not a grammar Nazi, but it should be “Are you infected by COVID-19?” and not “Did have you infected by COVID-19?”.


What do you mean?


“Did have you” doesn’t make any grammatical sense.