Cookie Settings UI looks shady as hell



The EU forces you to inform us when cookies are stored. Apparently curve fever uses an absolute shit ton of external services that are focused on aggregating data for the purpose of tracking and advertisement. I do not mind ads in general, obviously there needs to be some way of generating revenue. However the absurd number of companies that are apparently involved and the way this popup was designed makes it look extremely shady.

The five categories in the popup list a total of 560 + 447 + 515 + 348 + 479 = 2349 external sites! All of these are activated by default. Some of them cannot be deactivated but require visiting some external site that supposedly offers a form of opt-out. The explanation on this is extremely vague, also linking to external sites. I have some doubts whether this is even legal.
The majority of options are regular toggles and there is even an “Allow All” button. However, curiously, there is no “Reject All” button. Users who care about their privacy are forced to manually toggle literally over a thousand options. Nobody in their right mind could argue that this was an oversight. This kind of skirting legal requirements makes me question whether Hidden Monster Games is still trustworthy.

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Review this list and only show companies that are actually involved. If all of these 2349 companies are actually relevant, please review your business model, because this is absurd.
  2. Make the info pop up actually usable. You obviously know how to build a proper UI.

edit: Also, why is still not using https?


You can turn them all off as has been suggested in other topics.


How? I can find no other topic related to this issue.

edit for future reference: There’s a workaround described here. It does not alter the fact that this needs to be fixed.


Agreed @Gandalf this was also one of my concerns. You know that you can also block all third party cookies in your browser settings? Bye bye cookies, hello world.


I think this is a very fair concern. I already raised the issue at the cookie party, that there should be a clear way to deselect all cookies. They are reworking their cookie banner, but I don’t know when it will be done.

As for the amount of cookies, due to the nature of the advertisement market, those cookies could be set indeed. This is not unique to our game, but any site with ads that you visit. It is crazy how many those are right! That is why people are rightfully concerned about their privacy.


Cookies re delicious


@Gandalf - have you read the terms and conditions?

My speculation is that it’s a get out clause in case Hidden Monster Games were to be a victim of a ddos/phishing attack that effects it’s users. It is concerning though that the security of it’s own services cannot be guaranteed, especially when paired with the sheer amount of companies our data is sold to.


@Geert @Line I have emailed in a request to erase all my data, please can you ensure it is seen to? Thank you.


I guess Geert himself has to do that!


Thanks @Line. Just to be clear to anyone reading this topic I am not suggesting Hidden Monster Games is unsafe in any way. As I speculated in my previous post it does seem to be standard for companies to have this disclaimer to protect themselves in the event they are victim of a malicious attack that effects it’s users and I get that.

As @Geert said it is normal for any website using advertising to share your data with many other companies to make ads more relevant but since I have quit the game and chosen not to opt into the cookie policy anymore I don’t see it necessary for my information to be held and shared any further. You don’t realise exactly what information is being collected and just how many companies are actually receiving the data until you read into the policies which so many people overlook. Kudos to Ad in Play/Hidden Monster Games for listing every single one for us though.

I’m just one of those people who doesn’t even use Facebook for the same reasons we have been discussing. We live in an age of information and it’s just the nature of the internet to collect and share our data making it very difficult to keep tabs on just how private our activity is. I’m not sure I like where that’s headed especially with things like facial recognition and artificial intelligence getting more advanced which does have it’s pros for the future of the human race (but I won’t go down that road) -what bothers me is the military nearly always has access to such technologies years if not decades before the rest of us lemmings even know it exists and it’s not always used for good causes…

Anyway, I digress, I had a great time during my 2 years with curve fever pro and thanks for all the fun times people :slight_smile:

I’m logging out now so take care guys and all the best <3


You can ignore the erasure request @Geert (I have emailed confirming this) - I may have over reacted about the cookie policy. I guess you need to safely store information on players in order for the game to work properly anyway. I’m sorry if I came across as being awkward. I think the lockdown just got to me and I needed a break from the game!