[CONTEST] New Power Contest!


Hey Curve Fever Community! :cfp:

We have an exciting new contest for you guys! For this contest we will be looking to our community to have their chance of adding a NEW POWER added to the game for all players! :cfp:

It’s important to note that everything must be your own work [no plagiarism or copyrighted content].
For this contest there will be 10 winners! :trophy:

There are 4 power categories you must align with.
The categories are split into very easy and familiar ways:

GREEN :green_heart: , BLUE :blue_heart: , PURPLE :purple_heart: , RED :heart: :

The community will then vote for their Top 10 favourite powers and these will be the eventual winners!


:1st_place_medal: 1st: 300 :gem: + O Christmas Tree :christmas_tree: + Content creator badge
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd: 300 :gem: + Content creator badge
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd: 250 :gem: + Content creator badge
:paper: 4th: 200 :gem:
:paper: 5th: 100 :gem:
:paper: 6th -10th: 50 :gem:

Even if your power wins, that does not guarantee it will be in the game.
We will make the powers and use all the concepts as inspiration.
We can modify them, combine them, use them or not use any of them, we can not guarantee anything.


The requirements for this contest are very simple and straightforward.

:cfp: You must fill in this survey with your submissions, we only require 3 compulsory details about your new power to be considered as a submission: Power Name, Category, Description
:cfp: There is an added optional, where you send an image of the new power, however this will not affect the status of your submission
:cfp: You must fill out your username details otherwise you will not count as a verified submission
:cfp: You are also allowed unlimited submissions

You can find the survey here: https://bit.ly/31uDjgZ

For any questions about this contest, you can message prabh#0001 on Discord or post any questions within the #contest-questions channel in the official Curve Fever Discord server.

:date: Important dates: :date:
December 17th 6:00 P.M. CEST submissions become closed!

GOOD LUCK! :four_leaf_clover:


sounds cool. Thanks for the updates, and for keeping the game fresh and exciting


Make sure to thank them after the new powers update :wink:


Its sick how the game still gets some solid updates! good stuff :ok_hand:


Cool contest! Ty prabh :wink:

[RESULTS] New Power Contest!