Constantly Getting Hit Through Walls With Fireballs


What happens a lot to me is that if I’m right next to a wall and someone shoots a fireball at me, I try to block it by turning around but then it hits me through the wall. Here is one example of it occurring (srry for the weird noise from my mic)


this happened to me with zap too!


and the weird noise is probably ur keyboard


yup ive had that happen as well

haha wasnt talking about that there is some background hum i guess its nlt too noticeable


Nah this isn’t a bug. It normally happens.


It does?


Yes this definitely is not a bug. Shots and zap as well have an explosion radius, Meaning is you are close enough to the point the shot hit, you still lose points. However for shots they are very small and you have to be super close to them (corner is easily hit with that I guess)


What line said :blush:
Archiving this.