Consecutive Win Bonus


Please give us rewards for winstreaks, the higher the winstreak the bigger rewards we get. Also after winning 3 games in a row displaying a flame icon and the number of winstreak next to the player’s name would be awesome. I’m a bit annoyed after winning like 10 games in a row of getting 0-2 trophies then having one bad game and losing 13 trophies.


Sounds like an interesting one indeed. The only “issue” I see with it that you might get focused quite a lot :joy: some people would just want to ruin your win streak. But I guess it could be a fun feature.


But isn’t that great? If everybody focus you will either focus on the game and win. Or you will lose and become better as a player.

At the moment I feel super uninspired to play for the victory (only in tournament, but…). So this might motivate me and the other players for the 1st place.


The more chained wins you get,the more chances to be targetted you are,isnt great this,person who might bear it would be god😉,i cant hold the pressure of being focused in a single match,gl op boy


I’m fairly sure this feature already exists. But you have to win lots of games in order for the rank thing to change… If you want to test it, just derank to silver and win 100 games in a row. I’m fairly sure you’ll get more rank per game at 2k+ rank than if you start at 2k+ rank and win 10 in a row, BUT you can’t afford to lose even one.

As for the flame for consecutive wins that would be pretty cool - or maybe you could right click on each player to see their winrate + their position in their last 5 games.


We had that, but we don’t have it anymore


Huh, is there a particular reason you guys removed it? I think it’d be fun


So the implementation was that if you keep winning or keep losing, your next battle you would get a higher Delta in your rank.

We removed it because players where confused by it. 1 match they played and almost didn’t receive any rank points for winning, and another match they played the same opponents and won a lot of rank points.

I guess it could be implemented differebtly


If that’s the problem I guess there would be no need for implementing it differently, just simply making this information known by e.g. displaying at the end of the match “Rank +10, consecutive win bonus: +3”. I believe even most of the veterans were not aware of this (when it was implemented) so it’s strange most player might’ve been confused, it will not be an issue if this becomes explicit.