[CONCEPT] New game mode - laser tag



General idea

So, everyone gets the laser power in this gamemode. They also get to choose one defensive power along with it. There will be two teams, like the Teams game mode right now. The spawns are different though! Team blue will spawn on the left side of the map, while team red will spawn on the right side of the map, on top of blue and red circles the size of the icons on fevers. These circles are “spawnpoints”. When you get hit with a laser, you explode and get teleported back to your spawnpoint after 5 seconds, the other team gets a point, and your lines all disappear. The match has to have at least 6 players to start.
If there are 6 players, 6 points will be required to win. If there are 8, then 8 points are required to win.

Other info

Team blue’s lasers will be blue, and team red’s lasers will be red.
You can’t kill your own teammate.
Vote if you like this idea :heart: and remember to give me those :gem: or :cookie: on discord if this gamemode is implemented! (jk lol but it’s a good idea right?:pleading_face:)


So, I like the idea but we did just have a big update. I don’t think you are one of the older cfp players and you got to notice a few points,

  1. Rojoss just did teams
  2. There have hardly been any updates for the past year
  3. it could come but much later (a year to a few months from now)

just want to point this out but, I love the idea.


yeah ik i was thinking it could come out after this pandemic and maybe in a few years (I wouldn’t mind waiting for an epic gamemode)


if you are the 1% that ends up playing for 3 years good job!
I will be at my three years in november :smiley:


how do you win


Laser the other team 6 times if there is 6 players in game, and laser other team 8 times if 8 players.


this would be a good idea but since i played cf2 i agree with pig. I also think this should be a high level game mode so you have to be lvl 56+ it wouldnt be fair to al those players that worked hard for laser and then thy just see some lvl 1 playing a game with laser


did you know that you can buy laser with gems?


yea the matches should only be avaliable to dias and gms


Are you stupid you would need to spend lots of money for something that could be free later and there are tons of skins you could get for cheaper even the battle pass


i played 3 years then quited then came back


oh you really want to throw insults at people who just stated a fact…


also @nib chill boi chilllll


i had my reason i may have gotten to stress out and my old friends stoped playing so i just didn’t play


@jjgod plz use commas



My question: Why teams? We just got a teams mode, why could this not just be FFA?


bc like if it were ffa it would just be insanity with 8 lasers on the field


not dia and gms just people who actually have earned laser
like i have laser but im gold


how dare you correct my horrible grammar xD