Complainers and that dude


This morning I go on to these two things…

And the classic,

I’d like to call for all the complainers to get over themselves and for OnlyTwo to be banned, their name is offensive, they are offensive, they’ve used lag advantage on purpose before and they’re generally a horrible person.

Belia also accused me of using the game to make money somehow, then said they’d report me.

I’m getting tired of this stuff, I get in the top 100 and all of a sudden all the players that care about rank decide to have a pop at me.

I periodically de-rank to avoid the attention that comes with having red around my name, just so I can relax and have some fun, today it’s got to me. Sure, I could mute them, but I’d be muting people every game.

A lot of people say silly stuff in the chat, I’ve done it- and I’ve had warnings, but I’ve never said anything seriously nasty. There’s people who’ve told me to end my life because I beat them in a round.

They’re the same people that accuse others of teaming, or cry lag when they mess up.

Nobody cares.

I don’t care about my rank.

I’ve beaten the number 1, I’ve been beaten by novices and decent golds.

Get over yourselves.


Please make sure next time to report the players in the game by right clicking on their name and then pressing on “Report”.

If anyone is harassing you, you could always just ignore them, that’s a problem most multiplayer games has to deal with. But if someone goes way too far, leave it to the moderators after reporting these players.

Only2Genders might have went a bit too far, but their name isn’t inappropriate. Being laggy and calling it lag advantage isn’t a reason to be reported either, as long as they haven’t used lag switch. Next time make sure to report them in-game for harassing.


How is that name not inappropriate?


Sad to see this happening to you but I am inviting you to join high ranked custom matches which can be ranked, too. Usually, some Grandmasters and Diamonds (sometimes even Golds) play there and test out different gamemodes (for example Winner Picks) which is really cool and nice. Sometimes there are even mini-tournaments and teamgames! In such rooms, nobody complains about you being a Grandmaster and people mostly just have fun there! The atmosphere of such rooms is also awesome so I am definitely recommending this to you!


There isn’t a reason to be inappropriate. Surely some people would get offended, but that doesn’t make the name inappropriate.


I don’t think I can stay in a gaming community that allows open bigotry. Put all the other stuff aside, why do people get warnings for cursing in a chat that has a profanity filter, yet ‘OnlyTwoGenderz’ is allowed to have an openly transphobic name?

This game recently got new mods, perhaps they should exercise some of those powers.

I think I’m done.

That user has been using variations of that name for at least 2 years. The chat is full of homophobia. I’m sure a lot of it is from kids and teens, and yeah, you can ignore it- but letting a user have that name and nobody speaks up about it- this is wrong.

One of you in a position of power should do something about it, this community is tiny, you don’t need that stuff here.

I’m out.


Open bigotry doesn’t get banned but cursing at someone in a game chat that has a profanity filter does? Seems logical.


If you can’t make a difference between bigotry and facts or won’t aknowlegde the facts, that’s your own problem. If someone was to name themselves “MoreThan2Genders”, that would be bigotry for me, but I wouldn’t consider it inappropriate just because of how I see it.


I think you need a new definition of bigotry. It’s prejudiced against a group of people. More than: includes the initial group. So how being inclusive could be seen a being bigotry, I’ve no idea. Get informed.



noun: bigotry ; plural noun: bigotries

  1. obstinate or unreasonable attachment to a belief, opinion, or faction; in particular, prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.


I’d love you to do this because then the game gets some new players :joy:


More of the same today.
They hate losing
Then when I say I don’t care about my rank and crash they get more angry

Same thing every day.


More complainers.

Cry fool, then run like the coward you are.
Yeah, total luck.

And this guy, who says everyone is teaming on him, every time he plays.


puzzy hider


You’re the one who ran away.


Dear @LimneticVillains,

I understand your concern about this and it is upsetting to see it happening. Instead of showing in-game chats on the forum, please use the in-game report function to report them. It would be more useful for the moderators to moderate properly. I will talk to the other moderators about this incident and see if anything needs punishing.

I will be closing this topic.

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