Community = Ruined Forever [JOKE]


It pains me to see that this community has turned rotten, the one time I think I can find a community that is happy without any rudeness and toxicity I come across this comment “24%20PM”. The fact that some people have the nerve to say these horrible things honestly sickens me. This is bY FAAR the worst game community in existence. Why would someone say that to another man? They must be heartless… soulless even! I can’t imagine someone with even an ounce of human decency saying something even remotely like that. The fact that all of you can stand by idly as this serial insulter goes around this community and destroys it piece by piece until no one is left but monsters like them is gross. It is almost like we are encouraging it!!! I can’t believe that we don’t do anything about this. If I didn’t know any better I would leave the community of fear that everyone is like this!! Is this the dev’s strategy of getting their game popular? I sure hope not!!! If I were to be the one being called a so-called “idiot guy” I would be curled up in a ball in the corner of my room crying my head off. In fact, I bet that is exactly what the victim is doing right now. The fact that the perpetrator is not in an insane asylum for doing this is beyond me! Hell, if I were in charge I’d get my guillotine out of my closet and cut their hair in a weird box pattern so everyone would laugh at them and they would get a taste of their own medicine!

obviously ironic btw
also yeah there are probably a lot of grammatical/spelling errors too bad


@hohoho time to go into hiding :joy:


It is not to bad atm i guess. Obviously some people are always toxic, but i think rn we got a nice little community :kissing_heart::joy:
Except @hohoho maybe :joy: jk lav u


just making sure you know i was kidding, right?


Ofc :joy: the blurry part is key haha


ok good lol, for a second i thought you thought i was serious


This is amazing!

@hohoho you should feel ashamed. @everyone, if you see hohoho in game remind him that Robt44 and Meow are better than him. He shouldn’t be allowed to forget such horrible actions!!!

Here is a shareable link if you need evidence:

Otherwise, ask him who is #2 ranked in gms.


@Aidan-The-Egg do you even know about who i was talking and why i said that?
there were a guy in game (kal el) that were focusing me hard even if i was 125 pts under leader and saying i was noob (i agree there). he was also saying to get a life and many other thing, so YEAH i had reason to say it was an idiot, the idiot guy is him and not me.


oh wait i just read the title, it was a joke xD


Toxic af :joy:


i still hate that guy meh


Haters gonna hate…



You have chosen the wrong category, I have already changed it on “feedback”. Besides, you probably did not play other games if you say so.


Someone should really stop this toxic @hohoho player. Such shameful behaviour will not be tolerated! SMH


:stop_sign: @hohoho


It is a joke


How could @Ozzzj not see that it’s a joke?

Moderators fail again. :shield:


I can’t decide whether we are the worst people in the world or the best.


I added that after because some people thought I was being serious, there is also the dropdown tab labelled “egg” that says it is ironic.

eggy egg