Combos: Bad/Good/Funny/Troll



Here are some of my favorite combo’s
Top- Trippy fever
Bottom- Power dash

Bottom-Power dash
Top- Teleport
Bottom- U turn

Actual good combos I use
Top: Hide
Bottom: Power dash
Top- (If I had it) Teleport
Bottom- U- Turn
Top- U-turn
Bottom- angle turns
Top- power dash
Bottom- time bomb
Bad/worst combos
Top- Speed dial
Bottom- Speedy fever
Top- Homing missle
Top- Steerless
Bottom-Multi shot
(I am not a big fan of mult shot ngl)
Top-Multi shot
Bottom- Curve- Blind
Any others? The possibilities are endless!!! XD


No offense to your picks… But I think your Bad/worst combos are better then yourActual good combos XDDD


Yeah that was early I actually like most of those moduels now XD