Combo help


so if you know me you’d know how i like playing with a different combo each game.

lately my skill is decreasing and i don’t know why. I’m trying to find a combo that i can use constantly but i keep failing. If you’d like to could you please help me out with this? (please, i don’t want to stay as a gold i need dia 3 back)


If you want to get better you will have to stick to a certain combo for an extended period of time.

I’ll use myself as an example here, but in the beginning I’ve found brake + time bomb to be a great learner combo. Brake gives you more time to think about what you’re going to do next while you clear lines with your time bomb.


U need to learn the core skills of CFP to get good with different combos.
The core skills are Curving and Aiming but a good curve will beat a good aimer every time.
Curving > Aiming
To learn to curve u could try to play without blue powers but that’s not a must. Just don’t make the mistake of using break. Break will stop you from learning actual curving.
Thin is probably the best power to learn curving.
To learn aiming u just need to play. I would recommend not to use homing because its just a worse version of Oneshot and will also not teach you to aim.
Instead, maybe play Oneshot. I personally would choose something more difficult like double shot because if u can aim those u can probably aim everything.
If you play fevers or mines there is nothing to tell you but to practise. Maybe this will help you with fevers Why back throw is always better - General - Curve Fever Pro - Forum

So just don’t play break hooming and you’re fine.
Stick to one combo if you want to hit GM the quickest but you should also find what suits you best.