Combination List



For this topic, I wanted you to list all of the possible combinations that you’ve used in CFP. The rules are simple:

  • You will list as much combinations you honestly used as possible.
  • If you’re uncertain about any combination you’ve used, you can add it to your list or remove it.
  • If you lie, cheat, or focus on winning, then you’re out.
  • For every other module combination you use, you have to edit your post to add more into it (unless if the post can’t be edited).
  • You can show your favorite by using a :crown: and your least favorite combination by using a :-1:. You can also show your main combo by using a :rainbow:.
  • It’s optional to show the total amount of combinations you used.

Objective: You must list the most amount of combinations you’ve used so far.

Allow me to set an example:

  • Speedy + Zap
  • Double + Multi
  • Trippy + Side Shot


only gonna say my 3 main combis
apr-may ( jump-shield)
jun-aug (lo-rez-1 shot)
sep-present :rainbow: (mine-reverse):rainbow:
:crown::crown::crown:1 shot :crown::crown::crown:awww what a memories
:poop::poop::poop:HM :poop::poop::poop:
:no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:laser,trigger,reverse :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:


lol I got a reply in a few minutes. :joy:


WELL i used tons of combo but i will put my favorite.

-the combo that gave me top 1 in the KO version: jump-speed c:
-the combo in the old version that gave me top 3: speed trigger c: :crown:
-and my actual combo that gave me top 2: trigger laser :slight_smile: :rainbow:


Well this is easy :joy:

SCATTER with EVERY OTHER MODULE yes i srsly did that :joy:


My Combs:

Double Multi :crown: :rainbow:
Trippy Lo-Rez
Laser Brake
Laser Homing
Time Bomb Stealth Mine
Stealth Mine Reg. Mine
Speedy Zap
Trippy Side Shot :-1:

One Shot Zap
Scatter Zap :crown:
Speed Zap
Trigger Bomb + Another Module :crown:


Homing + Jump/Trippy