Colored ship but cant steer and grey line


Grey line bug.

Have you already be in queue on a custom game while playing. When someone has left, you can play. But you line are grey and you can't steer. You go directely in the wall. Then, the screen show "Waiting for your results..." and you must reload the page.


Isn’t this normal? I mean, you can’t just rejoin and keep on playing, you have to wait until the round finish. Once the round finish, you must be able to keep on playing. Also if it is saying “Waiting for your results…” doesn’t that means the game has finished? At least that’s how it was on CF2 & CF3


“Waiting for you results…” message is a bug, because normally you cant be another ship than your.
and also this message is infinite. Grey line, cant steer, so not your ship and so no results!


And normally your results are instants.


I already created a program in Python with that bug. Someone left the ship but the ship is in game without a driver.


Please provide some more details and/or screenshots or videos of the issue.


I have no picture, no video and the replay dont exist.