Collision changes


Hey guys, for the next small update one thing I was planning to do is change the ship collision.
Currently each ship has slightly different collision as you can see here.
First of all the collision from leaf is slightly bigger but it’s also more forwards to the the tip.

My plan is to split collision in two.
There’ll be collision for colliding and collision for the hitbox (bullets etc).
The colliding collision will just be a small circle at the pivot of the ship.
And then the hitbox collision will be a slightly bigger circle in the center of the white part of the ship.
The border collision will also be changed to not use the tip of the ship but use the colliding collision also.

It would be something like this looking at the same ships.
So in red we have the colliding collision and blue the hitbox for bullets and such.


  • Colliding collision always the same for all ships, same size and same location
  • Hitbox collision size the same for all ships
  • Still have visual guidance for hitbox where to shoot at (the white part)
  • Better for performance


  • Collision is less realistically matching ship
  • Above causes ships to visually overlap lines more

I’m just writing this to make sure I’m not missing anything here.
I don’t play the game so you probably know better than me if this has an impact or not.
So feel free to give some feedback and if you think this is a bad idea.

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 11-07-2021 | 2.2.0 | Season 4 & Collision changes

I honestly thought it was like this all along.
Sure ships feel different but i thought this was only in my head xD
But thats a nice change. It also makes the game less pay to win ^^
This could potentially have an impact on angle turns. You cant get close to walls with it. That may be changed now.


Yeah but that’s not really something negative right? :thinking:
I mean I can leave the border collision as is but right now the taller ships such as pineapple etc collide quicker with border than small ships like pink and candy cane.


I like it! It’s hard enough trying not to crash with close turns without having to worry about each individual ship! Thank you!


nice change.


Thanks for your work, I think that same colliding collision for all the skins is a good idea! It’s often hard to switch between different skins personally for me (because it feels different in tight places, now I see why - before I thought that it was only visual difference), this should make it easier.


I really like the change but I would prefer if both collison and hitbox would stack so you dont feel disconnected from your actual ship. I would stack red and blue where the blue circles are on your image.


Yeah not sure about that one.
I think it’s nice to know where to aim for attacks.

Like for bee it would be weird to target the blue ball instead of purple ball I feel like.
Especially because people are already used to targeting the purple ball.


I meant like always stack them, so you would stack both on the purple ball; like always center the hitbox and collision on the white and black center of the ship if that is even possible^^
sry for bad english


That’s what we have now :joy:
The reason I wanna change it so that each ship has same collision.
On some ships the white part is much more forward than other ships.
So the colliding collision is always at the pivot of ship and same for all ships.
But hitbox collision stays where it is but then just 1 circle so it’s the same for all ships. (but different location centered on white part)


This is confusing lol


Don’t bother about it then, mostly for the experienced players that might have some opinion on this.


It really is something bad imo. Ships should not be different.

I feel like the change is a good idea, however it might change the feel of the game for some curve very much.

Does it affect hitboxes as well tho? Because they should be the same for every ship as well!


Well that’s how it is now and I’m planning to make it more the same to make it more fair and make ships more about visuals only.

Hitbox stuff is explained in the post and in my other comments.
It will stay where it is now (at center of white part of ships) but the same size for all ships.
The only difference would be that for example the bee’s hitbox is more forward compared to the hitbox from pink.
This is because people are already used to aiming at the white part so I think changing this might have too much impact.

Like in my previous comment for bee it would have a huge impact (change from purple to blue)


I am underranked and do understand what your doing just not the circles. I got the mummy skin from the battle pass ONLY because it had a small hit box


Would definitely make it more fair! Good job!

About the hitbox, not sure about that part too much yet since some ships might have an advantage at dodging, wouldn’t they?


Well yeah that’s true, the further the collision away from the pivot the more you can make it move by turning.
But I’m afraid people will complain if it’s changed because people are used to it being like this.
So I wanted to keep hitboxes mostly the same and just change collision so it’s the same for all.


Sounds good to me. Nice improvement for sure, just not sure how it will look visually for bigger ships (not only in front of the ship as you showed but also to the side of it). But we will see.


The sides have always been an issue where they overlap so that stays the same.


@Rojoss I like the idea, Is the idea to put the Blue collision area on the pivot point? I wonder if its possible (since you’re making these changes anyway) to put the pivot closer to the front? Would be interested to know how that feels.

and yeah, while it something that I like, I only use pink, candy etc. So its best to ask players like Okleksik and Z3R0 who always use bee out of choice.