Coffee Discussion


Hey guys, it’s Property, but this time we’re not doing a forum game. Just talk about coffee.

I have a coffee machine at home, and i find Cafe Vanilla with over 45% creamer seems to do the trick for me.

Also, just a poll, because i can

  • I use creamer.
  • I use way too much creamer.
  • What’s creamer?

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@Rojoss I summon thee to the thread, because the thread is inactive, and it shall be awoken.
Also, to the people that don’t know what creamer is, it’s basically cream put into special bottles, thus making it easier to apply to coffee.
Image result for creamer bottle


I’m no real programmer haha

Coffee = :face_vomiting::nauseated_face:


Where is the option “FULL BLACK” …? :frowning_face:


I don’t drink coffee


i drink water